How to Wire IPOD into MACH 1000???

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  1. Single CD radio IS compatible. In-Dash 6 CD radio is NOT compatible.
    Not compatible with any Factory external audio source such as : XM tuners, CD changer, Cassette player, or RSE ( Rear Seat Entertainment ). These devices must be disconnected during installation and will no longer function.

    found that on the bottom of the page for the mp3yourcar page
  2. ok I have a new plan, b/c all that mess seems like a waste when i could get a new "i pod ready" head unit. few questions about a new head unit..

    1. Whos got one that I can see mounted (pics), does it fill up the whole space of the mach 1000?

    2. Can I still use the amps and cubs from the 1000 system w/ a new head unit?

    3. and finally, which unit should i be looking for? I really hate this kind of stuff, if its not helping the stang to be faster or run better i really dont care, but since i got this ipod i might as well get this over with :bang: haha
  3. Steve:

    Here's the original homepage for that product: It lists many manufacturers, Ford being one of them. Does it work?....I can't say it does, so you'll have to call/email them to find out.
  4. so how much id this PIE adapter? can you really get them at radioshackfor $10???? if so whats the partnumber and what is neededto hook it up?
  5. The pie isn't $10 or available at radio shack, just the RCA to 3.5Mm adapter cable is.

    Post #13 is the link for the adapter.
  6. So did anyone find a great CHEAP way to hook up a mp3 player to the mach 1000
  7. This is a FM modulator. It is directly connected to the FM antenna though. I read on a f150 forum that it works well... I will let you know after I get it and install it.
  8. Noobz347 and anyone else interested in this thread

    I bought Fords Trip Tunes MP3 kit.

    Basically the mp3 player sends the music into the FM modulator. The modulator feeds the signal directly into the radio via the antenna. It has a strong signal this way and should not get interrupted by local stations although it could happen.

    I will show some pictures and describe the process.
    The kit came with everything you need. Its very simple to install. The Sound quality is very good. I havent driven around town yet but sitting in the garage it sounded great. Almost CD quality. You have the choice of 2 fm stations to set it up to work with. I chose the one that was just static (no radio station). When you turn on the power the static goes away and there is a very slight hiss. when music is on you cant hear the hiss.

    View attachment 158487

    First you will need to remove the shifter trim bezel... it just clips on. Then remove the center trim cover. It also just clips in. Do not force them. Just gently pull and wiggle until it comes loose. Unplug any switches that you may have, mine had Cig lighter, traction control button fog lights, and rear defogger.

    Once the covers are off you will see the radio is held in by 2 screws at the bottom its the outter 2 not the center ones..... it takes a 7mm socket. Once those are out the radio will slide straight out.

    here is the FM modulator

    View attachment 158489

    View attachment 158491

    The modulator has antenna in and out cables. The antenna from car plugs into the modulator and the one from modulator plugs into the back of radio.

    The modulator also has a red wire and a black wire. You hook red to 12volt source and black to ground.
    I simply connected them to the cig lighter wires and soldered them and insulated them with black electrical tape.

    Next you plug in the switch pigtial. It has 1 white and 1 red rca cable that plugs into the modulator. Then there is a white plug that plugs into the harness on the modulator. Its all plug and play with the exception of the power and ground wires. You really cannot mess up.

    View attachment 158493

    View attachment 158495

    After everything is plugged in and wires are isolated and can not short out. Turn the key on, turn radio on and set to the channel you selected 88.3 or 87.9. Turn on the trip tunes power switch and plug in the mp3 player and play music. If everything works as it should you put it all back together and decide where to mount the switch assy.

    I chose to Nip the corner of the shifter bezel and route the wire through and mounted it to the bezel with supplied sticky tape. It looks factory to me.

    View attachment 158497

    View attachment 158499
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  9. Nice writeup Droptop. Lemme know if it acts funky on you when you're driving through town etc. I may get one of these for a DD that I'm purchasing in Jan. :nice:
  10. I will update with more info when I go out and drive it... My daughters car was in the way and I didnt feel like moving her car to take a test drive.

    I can say that I had a similar modulator set up for a cd changer in my 66 coupe and it worked well.
  11. Noobz347

    I drove the car from my town to Lafayette Indiana. It was right at 80 miles round trip. I played the trip tunes the whole time. I was streaming music from pandora internet radio through my iPhone. I live 15 miles south of Indianapolis. It was just like listening to the radio. It didnt cut out or anything even when driving through Indianapolis on the interstate. Im very happy with it.
  12. Sweet! It must be a much better unit than the one's I've tried (everything from the ones that plug into the cig lighter to the ones that thread in between the antenna and head unit).

    I think I may have to get one of those when I get my DD.

    Thanks again for the writeup Droptop! :nice:
  13. It works well. There is a little hiss when there is no music but other than that it works well especially for the price. Much cheaper than a new radio.... The stock unit sounds really is nice with the mach 1000
  14. The best way to adapt an ipod to the stock 460/1000 systems is to just get an aftermarket head unit. After my 6 disk jammed up for the.....10th time, I just said **** it and put in my Kenwood excelon hu and im glad I did. I have more control over the system now and the stock 1000 subs are louder than with the stock hu. You just need a hu with built in x-overs so the stock midbass speakers and subs dont play any lyrics or it will sound like :poo: inside the cabin.
  15. I dont want to spend that much,
  16. Hello! I clicked the link you provided to the LogJamElectronics site, but it did not bring up a specific item. I have an '02 GT Convertible 5-Speed with the Mach 1000 stereo. I searched around the site and found this > Part#: CPFD20AUX35 - CPFD20AUX3.5 1998-2007 Ford Auxiliary Input Converter Kit.
  17. Agreed on that. I have a 7" Ipod ready multi media unit as well. Had to get a pop out because I have the older style Mach 460 set up. I still use the stock amps and speakers.