How was your paint?

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  1. I picked up a 2012 last week and set out to wax it this weekend. I washed it down thoroughly and started to apply some wax (Meguiars Ultimate). The wax was difficult to remove and didnt go on very smoothly either so I ran back to the store and grabbed a clay bar. I couldnt believe how many contaminants were on the surface already. I ended up clay barring the entire car and then hit it with the Mother's 3 stage wax (cleaner, glaze, and carnuba). Took all day Saturday and a couple hours this morning to finish (did it by hand) but it's done and the paint is nice and smooth. It doesnt look any different but I know it's in better shape. All of the manual labor was good incentive to go out and purchase a Porter Cable 7346 polisher today (not going though that ass pain again lol). So, how was your paint upon delivery?
  2. Mine was great because I noticed the roughness upon purchase and had the dealer schedule it out for a clay bar detail service. Two days after I bought the felt smooth as could be....with no work from me.
  3. Mine was pretty bad. Even after they gave it a good bath. I took it home and cleaned it up myself.
  4. Yeah, mine was very rough too. The dealer did their pre delivery clean up but was not very good. Took it home and washed it again and as I was drying it I could feel how rough it was with a micro fiber towel. Did the clay bar and than a good cleaner wax. It pretty good now.
  5. My hood is getting repainted/replaced under warranty. I noticed bubbling right on the very front of the hood. I was surprised to hear the dealers body/paint shop guy tell me the hood was aluminum. I took it by yesterday, took 5 minutes to take pics of and get some info from me. Same guy called back today saying it's been approved thru Ford for warranty service. He was super helpful both yesterday and today when he left the message about the repair. He said he should find out for certain by tomorrow whether it will be repainted or (hopefully) replaced.
  6. I had my 2011 GT hood repainted in August. Stupid Ford. Stupid.
  7. Just got home to a VM that tells me they're going to replace not repaint the hood :)

    I really was setting up for a hassle and headache, but it turns out to be not the case so far. The service guy has been super helpful, even offering to work with my schedule with the shorter week coming up towards Thanksgiving. He said the replacement hood has already been ordered, might have arrived today, or early tomorrow for the under hood painting. He'll need the car for 2 days for color match painting the front and blend it into the bumper :)

    Goodbye stone chips. ( I might have had one)

    Does the dealership usually supply a loaner vehicle when warranty service is being done? I'll ask him tomorrow when I get a chance to talk to him, but I'm just wondering what is normal for others.
  8. Chances are, the vehicle had been sitting around on the lot for a while prior to purchase. Unfortunately, all the lot cars can't be fully detailed, the proper wash and clay bar way, as sometimes customers are in a hurry, time just simply doesn't allow for a full detail, or the salesperson doesn't bring the car back in enough time to allow for claying etc. Also, things like pollen, bird dropings, dirt, dust, etc. just get on the car if they sit around.
  9. Dropped off the car yesterday at the dealership. They already had the new hood there and painted the underneath. I'll be picking it up Wednesday, late afternoon.
  10. So, I should follow up, they called me today at around 12 telling me it was ready. The paint job looks great. They said they'd have to blend it into the front of the car, but I can tell they didn't. Either way, it looks great, no bad orange peel, etc. I got home and started installing my new Steeda CAI and tune and noticed that the footwell area on the driver side door has like 8 significant chips and scratches that weren't there when I took the car in. I'll have to call the body shop and leave a message to have that dealt with when they return after the weekend.

    I'll say this for Ford, they were prompt, courteous and helpful. It wasn't a hassle at all like I was fearing.
  11. My 2013 Black GT was in the showroom at the dealer. I could see under the florescent lights some bad water spots and bird droppings had been etched into the clear coat. I told the salesman about it and he said they would send it out for detail before i came to test drive it. Well when i came back to test drive the car i noticed the water spots were gone but now it had buffer swirls all over the hood,roof,and trunk lid. FML
    The paint was in decent shape minus the swirls and holograms. It had some contaminants on the rear end of the car that i had to clay off. Overall it wasn't too bad. Nothing a PC 7424xp and some good polish wouldn't take care of.
  12. So I took the car in today, first day they were open after the holiday to show them the bad chips on the floorboard area. The same guy that I dealt with the first time came out and saw it and agreed to take it in to be painted over and clearcoated to fix the problem. They drove the car back into the shop and drove it back out about 7 minutes later. What I saw just wasn't acceptable and I told him that. It looked like nail polish had been dabbed onto each scratch and it looked horrible. I stood firm on what I thought (which isn't easy for me, but the scratches weren't there before) so I told him it wasn't an acceptable solution. He asked me what was. I said a proper tape off, sand and re-paint of the area, to which he agreed. So they have the car now and I should get it back tomorrow or the next day.
  13. I have the same problem, 2011 GT CS white, never winter driven paint is bubbling, had a 2008 blue paint did the same after 1 year,
  14. Mine just started the bubbling at the very, very front of the hood. I traced it to a teeny, tiny crack in the paint just on the underside of the hood. I know it was fine several weeks ago. Funny thing is I washed it and it was fine and then a week later, the bubbling began. Water= death for cars. I am just going to get it sanded out and painted over, and I will have the body shop do what they can to prevent this from happening in the future (maybe beef up/seal the underside paint better?).
  15. The bubbling on the tip of the hood happened to my car over the summer. I was in Japan at the time but my buddy took the car in for me and Ford took care of it. Paint was matched very well and I was happy with the repair. Today I noticed a dull spot about the size of a baseball on the top of the right fender. I'm guessing the clearcoat is thin in this area.
  16. You guys should have your dealers check them out and speak to your service manager. He is in the best position to ensure a proper diagnosis, and will be able to provide available options and/or coverage for any work needed. Also, remember most repairs done at a Ford Dealer come with a 24 months/unlimited miles warranty.

    You can schedule an appointment online here.

  17. I am out of my warranties; 66k miles on the car.