How would I turbocharge a classic I-6? I need advice, help.

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  1. I have a '65 Mustang with a freshly rebuilt 200 cu in I-6. I have an early 9's Probe GT that I am parting out as well, with the complete turbocharger set-up. Being new to turbos, I think it would be fun hooking the turbo up on the 200 I-6. what do you think? There is plenty of underhood room. I need advice/help on what all parts I need off the car, need to fabricate, or need to buy to make this work. I can fab about anything, an would rather do so than buy something. Here are some questions I have;
    1) The stock one barrel surely isn't enough for the turbo. Any suggestions?
    2) Will the turbo off of the probe GT supply enough, (hopefully a noticable gain) power to the 200 ?
    3) What kind of upgrades (if any) do I need to make to the exhaust and fuel delivery
    4) I need a list of mods, parts, and what all needed to make this happen
    5) FInally, do you think I should go for it?
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  2. I don't know a whole lot about the sixes, but I know a little about turbos. I6 or v8, I'd go turbo on my stang anyday. I hear fuel infected is the way to do it, but if you go here turbo mustangs, you should be able to learn a lot more, especially with the carb setup. Definitely check out the tech page and the forums. Turbo beats blower anyday in my book.
  3. There are some guys there that can answer any question you have. Several people have turbo I6 projects going on over there. I say go for it :nice:
    1) You have to use an adaptor of course but here are lots of carbs that could work some of the most popualr are larger 1barrels such as off of a 300, a 2300 series Holley, weber 32/36 progressive (my carb of choice) and a Weber 38/38 secronized. You can check out clifford performance and stovebolt for more info. Clifford is quite expensvie though. I went though stovebolt for my Holley/Weber 5200.
    2)I think it would but I can't say for sure
    3)headers are good, a port divider in the head. I don't think theres much else you HAVE to do. They're tough little engines. A late model head with larger intake valves would be good, (the cr is much lower on these however solved by milling if needed)
    4) carb of your choice, adaptor, carb linkage, (all to take full advantage of the extra flow) probably lots of other things
    5) yes!
    I perfer turbo to a supercharger also.
  4. There was just an episode of Hot Rod TV (I think) last weekend that did a brief explaination on turbos. Pretty helpful in explaining the concept at least. I've been hunting around picking up info on it for a few months, since I started considering turboing my 2.3 Ranger (which I decided to do). Everthing I've picked up so far is based on (much) newer motors, so I can't offer a whole lot of help (besides, I'm still trying to make sure I've got it all straight & right in my head!). I have found that turbos are becoming the more prefered source of that type of power (over superchargers, which rob HP to create it, via the drive belt)....
  5. if you use a J pipe, and a draw through carb adaptor, you can easily turbo the ford six. you will need to use a wastegate to control boost, and keep the boost aorund 10psi max. the 32/36 weber carb is a good choice, as is a 38 dges carb. you will want to swap out the stock load-o-matic dist ford a good duraspark system as well. when you pick a cam, get one with 112-114 degree lobe centers. it will boost low end power, and wont hurt the top end because the turbo will take care of that. oh yes, not only check out but as well for parts like cams and heads.
  6. what turbo is on the probe? if its a smaller t3 or t25 it might be too small to feed the I6. what size what the probes motor?
  7. Wow, I wish I could get this kind of info from the truck guys!