How would the '05 look with a set of these?

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    they come in 17" and 18". not sure how they would look without the raised whit letter tire (which I have never seen in a 17 or 18" tire). and photoshop guys wanna take a stab at it? I loved how the magnum500 wheels looked on the 69/70 stangs, and going with the retro theme ov the '05, I think these might have some potential.

  2. I don't like em. I like the gt 18 inchers
  3. I think it would good. Perfect compliment to the retro styling.
  4. Not a fan of them, but I'd have to see it on the car to say for sure. Sometimes wheels look so ugly, but its a totally different story when they are mounted
  5. Quick chop

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  6. A little too old school for me, but I think this is what you were looking for:

  7. They would look great on a shelby addition. Probably an all black car would be perfect, you would only see the chrome of the spokes.
  8. that I see them on the cars, they look so-so at best. but I think that might be due to angle that we are seeing them. Wheels never looks as good from straight on as they do from an angle, since you can't see any of the depth. I remember back before any official pics were released, on of the guys on this board had made smoe computer renderings fo the 05, and then another guy photoshopped then with diffrent trimmings. One of the pics was a Mach1 lookalike, with mag500 style rims, a satin black chin spoiler, and reas spoiler, and a black hood stripe and shaker scoop. I though that one looked mean as I guess I'll just have to wait and see some real pics once people start modding thier cars.

  9. Not liking...I still like the ones that will come from the factory better.
  10. someone photoshop those on there with a smaller size. They are way too big for what you would want. Make the rims like 15 or 16 inches instead of the 17 and 18 that they appear to be.
  11. 15"???? WHY? What are you putting these on, a Cavalier?
  12. the Mach 1's current wheels are similar to that, i think the would look good on the 05.
  13. will they fit?,,,as far as i know the 05 is going to have a new bolt pattern
  14. Not a fan of those- don't like the whole two-toned look- same reason I don't like the Mach1 rims- to flat and too distracting from the car.
  15. I think they would look good if it wasn't for all that extra black material between the spokes. The Mach 1 wheels are most definitely better looking than that. But... I'd rather just go w/ the optional 18x9" wheels they'll offer for the GT model.