How Would These Appearance Mods Look?

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  1. I am wanting to do some apprence mods i was thinking

    Saleen S281 Wing
    Cobra Front Bumper
    4" Cobra RR Hood
    17X9 Black Bullets (Front) 17X10.5 Rear
    Mach 1 Chin Spolier

    What do you guys think?

    I have a 98 GT Silver. I might not ge the bullets b/c i get alot of comments on the 95 Cobra wheels i have now but i really like the Silver/Black look.
  2. veryy nicceeeee
  3. Silver and Black FTW :nice: I'd get the deep dish FR500s though. I'd also get them in 18's if you have the $$
  4. FR500's all the way! there are sexy rims.
  5. Imo dont put a chin spoiler on a 94-98 Cobra bumper. Those are the best looking stang bumpers on any 94-04 stang imo. They do not need the chin spoiler. If you keep the GT bumper, then the chin spoiler would look great.

    But your plans are identical to what I am in the process of doign except I have FR500 wheels. I have the hood already and the wing and bumper very soon to be ordered. I am looking on ebay to find used stuff for cheaper if possible.
  6. It all sounds too busy for my taste, but it's your car. :shrug:
  7. sounds good except the chin spoiler.
  8. Yeah, the 94-98 cobra bumpers look great without a chin spoiler. The FR500's would look good on there to.
  9. I agree, no need for a chin spoiler. I would also go with 18's, i think they look the best on a 94+ car.
  10. No chin spoiler on a Cobra bumper. I want one but I think I'm too low for it. They hang low and then I'm 1-3/4" drop in the front (at least).
  11. The cobra bumpers arent really any much lower than the gts. I think It would look very good with all the mods you would kinda look like me.
    View attachment 469113

    Then when i get my s281 wing put on
    View attachment 469114
    should be lookin good:nice:

    Unless you were talkin about the chin spoiler bein too low then prolly yeah.
  12. Ok so I will not go with the mach 1 chin spolier. Should I go with FR500's or Bullets?
  13. FR500's or the Ford GT wheels...bullitts are soooo common.
  14. Opps... I'm thinking about a Cobra "R" bumper. That's what I'd LIKE to get but I think it would be too low. The roads in Colorado are not flat.


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