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  1. I have been reading in other threads about the "possiable", and I stretch that word as much as possiable, about the production of a GT350 and/or GT500 instead of the Cobra. I personnally would LOVE to see either one of these monikers painted on the side of a new mustang. It would just about bring a tear to my eye.

    I have thought about what I would incorperate into these designs if I were the lead designer on these projects and I'm curious how our ideas compare. I will be posting my ideas shortly, but I'm still doing some research on Mustangs in general. I must confess, I DO NOT have an engineering degree and I know, chances are, many of you don't either. This is just for fun!!! Who knows, Ford might get word of our ideas and put some real engineers on them. :shrug: WOW, that would be to cool. :nice:

    To keep it simple, we will stay with these basics:
    *Paint/Cosmetics (to include coupe, vert, fastback)
    *How it would work into the overall Stang line-up (Would it be a BOSS, GT350/500, Cobra, Mach or new moniker?)

    Let me know, this can get to be a really exciting thread. :nice:
  2. A few thoughts...

    With Shelby back in the fold, "Cobra" should be just for the Cobra. Plus it would make the recent and current Cobra a part of the Mustang Legends Line-up that they deserve. A special car from a Limited period of time.

    Second the overall line-up for 05 thru 08 ---
    V6 base 200hp v6, regular paint schemes,$18500
    V6 special (name unkown) 250ish hp v6, special paint schemes,$22000
    GT base 300hp v8 regular paint schemes,$25000
    GT350 special (think Mach 1 & Bullitt level total performances) 350hp v8 , white w/ blue stripes, $30000
    BOSS 425 special (think current Cobra level total performances) 425HP v8, special color, disinctive hood scoop, $35000
    GT500 special (think recent & current Saleen, Roush stage 2, kenny brown level total performances) 500 hp v8, blue w/ white stripes, made at Shelby's new factory $45000

    As we all know, Ford has to make major "Upgrades/Updates" every couple of years, so after
    08 it would be time for a new tiering of products.

    Also, Ford would not have to change the base/regular V6 or GT at all, keeping major cost down, and save minor or limited upgrades/updates for 05 thru 08 to premium special cars that are more "nimble" in the marketing scheme of things.

    Lastly, a single paint scheme per special level per year would work great for enthusiast
    ... as long as it looks better than the 40th anniversary scheme.

    Just think wouldn't it be great to be travelling along and spot a Black Mustang new generation with Red stripes and know that it was an 07 GT350, and that the Red Mustang with Black stripes right next to it was an 07 GT500, just cause of the color scheme?

    I'd love bout ya'll? :nice:
  3. V6 - 250 HP, coupe and vert, 17" wheels, several paint options, $19,000.00
    GT - 320 HP 4.6, coupe and vert, 18" wheels, several paint options, $25,000.00
    GT350 - 400+ HP 4.6(Twin screw), coupe, 18" wheels, IRS, limited production , $31,000.00
    GT500 - 475+ HP 5.4(Twin screw), coupe, 18" wheels, IRS, limited production, $39,000.00
  4. Am I the only one who becomes excited when the term "NATURALLY ASPIRATED American V8" is spoken? In addition to the current variations (V6 and GT V8) I would love see a mid level naturally aspirated 5.4L 3Valve V8 model (Boss, Mach 1, BULLITT) with an upper level supercharged engine for the top preformer. Am I also the only one who thinks there is a very good chance the Shelby name won't make it to the Mustangs (as much as we all want it to)? I think he is back so he can make his last roadster before heading into retirement. Anyways, i love supercharger performance, but I would love to see something like we did last generation with the Bullitt and Mach 1. I would line up for that kind of mustang in a second.
  5. I saw a black 03 or 04 Mustang GT convertible on the Massachusetts Turnpike yesterday afternoon. This car had a red colored GT emblem on the rear decklid and generic red stripes across both sides on the bottom of the doors. The red stripes didn't have anything written on them. I would like to know if this is a special and/or rare model GT convertible? I checked it out really good while driving on the highway. There is no doubt that it had factory red generic stripes on the sides on the bottom of each door and that it had a RED colored GT emblem on the trunk. The GT emblems on the side of the car were regular chrome GT emblems. And this was a current 03 or 04 body style Black Mustang GT convertible with a black top.

    Are there any specially made Mustang convertibles that are being built with these same exact features and looks on them like the one which I saw that I am describing? Why is it that I have not seen any other Mustang GT convertibles out on the roads like the one which I saw yesterday? Is this a rare or a special model Mustang GT convertible?
  6. I wish they'd let me carry a gun
  7. Lots of the V6 models have those stripes on the doors.. with the word MUSTANG as well.

    It was prob some kind of dealer option.

    "apperance option" = $900 probably! lol
  8. The funny thing about this car was that it did NOT have the word "MUSTANG" written on the stripe. It looked exactly like the stripe which says "MUSTANG" on it, BUT without the "MUSTANG" on it. It was just the plain stripe. And the GT emblem on the trunk was red colored.

    Is this some kind of special edition Mustang GT convertible that Ford built in 2004 or 2003? I have NEVER seen any GT convertible like this on the roads up here in Massachusetts. This car that I saw definitely came like this from the factory. There is no way that it looked like the dealer or the owner put the red side stripes or the red GT emblem on it themselves. These things were put on this car from the factory. But why aren't there any other Mustang GT convertibles like this one out there? This is the first one that I saw with my own eyes that looked like this. How many GT covertibles like this one are out there?
  9. Then it has to be one of those fake SALEEN type stickers, except it has that retarded stripe, but with MUSTANG instead of Saleen written on the door.

    No, not a special edition.
  10. It might have been the limited edition 40th Aniversery version they ran.
  11. One model I'd like to see is the LX 4.6 notchback with a 300hp 4.6/M6/8.8 axle for about 18,000. No power windows/locks/mirrors, cloth seats, 16 inch wheels, something that weighs about 3200 pounds.
  12. Keep dreaming, it ain't gonna happen.
  13. Now, if I had this job, I would love to see the following models:

    GT-350 -- one step up from the GT, with a revised and updated NA 4V 4.6, around 350hp (hense the name), obligatory body modifictions, $30k.

    Boss -- make a new 5.0L motor, or just SC the 4.6, 420hp, body/suspension modifications, around $36k.

    GT-550 -- top of the line, SC 5.7L Fort GT motor, 550hp (hense the name), extensive body/suspension modifications, unique paint colors, around $42k.

    Then, I would make IRS an option for all cars, GT on up. Granted, this would be a collassal manufacturing nightmare, considering all the options available, but I would love to see it happen. One way around it would be to offer it up as a aftermarket, under FRPP or something.

    Just my $0.02
  14. Why do y'all keep putting "GT" with "V8" like they are the same? What is wrong with having a CHOICE in engines for the basic Mustang? Like the Mustang originally had? In any car, you could get four different engine choices (6 or any of 3 v8s) and three transmission choices (3-speed or 4-speed manual, or automatic - unless you got the Hi-Po, which came only with 4-speed). Then you add the GT option if you want it on your V-8. Engineering a new car? Give us CHOICE!
  15. Because the last time I checked a calander, it was 2004, not 1965. The days of being able pick your choice of 5 engines and 4 trannies are long gone. In addition Ford is planning on selling 175,000 Mustangs a year not 550,000 like in 1965.