How would you like under your hood?

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  1. I am dumping some of the pics my attachments are full.

  2. I aint afraid of that dog, i'd be worried about a kid around one though...its one thing if it picks a fight with me, im always up for pitbull stu, if it goes fora kid, thats a differnt story.
  3. Mine (not speaking for another persons dog) is a great dog and I believe that it is all in the upbringing and training in the individual dogs life. Mine is full blood from a great champion line and the temperment is great, I would personally trust him with my childs life.

    Now saying that A moron that does not train a dog like mine and chains one up in the back yard is making a monster.
  4. Is that one of those new aftermarket "serpentine" belts?

    Im with you kiddiccarus
    i have a pit bull / dane cross and he's a big softy
    and plays with my 3yo son fine
    My son pulls his ears and lips , sits on his back
    And not once has my dog ever shown any aggression towards him

    But if your an unwanted stranger that came into my yard
    He would have your leg.
  5. Do you have apic of your dog?
  6. Nah
    He's to big to fit in a pic :D
  7. My baby just hit 6 months and 50 lbs, I have tried to load the pic but Stangnet is not cooperating with me. and my attachment ammount has been reduced
  8. My buddy has a staffordshire bull-terrior pure bred the whole deal also. He came from wisconsin or somewhere out there and was stupid expensive.
  9. $100 for my baby
  10. Last time we took him to the vet he weighed in at 55kgs and he was 12 months old.
    I dont know what he'd weigh now but he has filled out heaps
    He is a pig hunting dog and has crush a wild Rams scull in one chomp

    But he harmless when hes not at work
  11. Mine has just started to fill out in the head and the hind quarter. His head is a complete brick. I have a marble top coffee table and he came up under it and raised it 2 inches with his head shook it off and wanted to play without another though. Their pain threshold is awesome.
  12. wow that sounds cheap. Was it local?
  13. Yes the litter was 13 pups 10 males 3 females 100 a piece, all brindle. I will send you a pic of my boy e-mail Matt.
  14. did you get paperwork and everything?
  15. No it would have been 350 for that. I am not looking to breed him or show him, don't get me wrong I would love to breed him but I have too much on my plate for that and we decided to just keep him unregistered and later in life when the kids get out of the house we will get a registered Staff I love these dogs now. I was skeptical at first though.
  16. Adam had to really stay on him about discipline. Much like myself he would get distracted easy. Very sharp now though.
  17. by the way...nice little sweater he has on. Do you have the orange shorts that match it?
  18. I tried to get them off of the waitress but she wanted to wait till we got her to the hotel room.
  19. Dicipline is a Flipflop LOL. He dont get beat or yelled at, if he gets out of line he will get a tap from the flipflop (shower shoe type) he knows if I have that he is about to be in trouble.
  20. yeyah....I'll leave it right there. :D