How'd you copy your transponder key?

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  1. Well, the dealer only gave me one computerized key :mad: for my 97 GT and a metal one that will unlock the doors AND crank the car, but it won't run for more than a few seconds. I've heard that replacement transponder keys from Ford are nearing 100$ in price, and I just can't afford that. So I've looked into this:

    25$ for the key (including shipping) and 5$ to get it cut, and I've got myself a 30$ idiot-proof replacement key.

    Anybody had any experiences like this? Your opinions are welcome.

    Thanks guys!
  2. Even if you get that blank, you won't be able to program it's code into the car without 2 already programmed keys. The "do-it-yourself" instructions that anyone can do are simple. You take your two, cut and programmed keys and use them in the ignition then use the third one in a simple process that is right out of the owner's manual or off the page previously posted. Every new car is supplied with 2 cut and programmed keys. This allows the owner who is in possesion of both of these to make extra keys up to 8 per car (I think).

    If you only have 1 Programmed key you have to have the car reprogrammed with two new keys that then become the "orignals" for that car. This is a longer process that would require a tech's time or a locksmith who is PATS trained (I've only heard that such a thing exists).

    If you bought your car with only 1 PATS programmed key, you got the shaft. I would either complain to the dealership for selling it like that and ask for a break on the reprogram or suck it up, pay for it, and always keep 3 keys around.

    You can find several threads about this on many Ford boards. You may swear at the PATS system, but it actually works extremely well. One source I read said Mustang thefts dropped something insane like 70% the year after the PATS systems came standard. You can bet that this drops the insurance quotes on our cars significantly. Requiring the two keys is the most practical way to ensure that only the actual owner with both original keys can make an extra key to a car.


    EDIT: Here's where I got that statistic from:
    Also, I'm not sure what PATS system was standard in '97.
  3. In the "How-to" I provided, it states that you only need one key if you have an early '98 or older. He has a '97 which would fall under this.
  4. All right, I guess that's the PATS I system. Did that use the same programmable key blanks?

  5. ok. heres one for yall.

    i have a 96 GT. only one key, and it broke off halfway into the ignition about 2 months ago. ive been driving it like this since cause of fords prices to replace it all.

    so how hard is it to replace the actual ignition and both keys. is this definately a "ford tech" only job? or could i do this myself. :D
  6. If done by a pro, you only need one key like I had. Ford charges about $140 to make 1 more key if you have one. A good locksmith with the programmer charged me $85 for 1 key and a 2nd would have cost another $35.

    The main key must be inserted into the ignition and the 2nd key (new) will be placed into a machine the connects to the EEC port where you can read trouble codes near the steering column.

    I did ask them (locksmith) if you need a whole new computer if you have NO keys at all. They said it could be done by them w/o swapping the computer but it was a lot more $$$$.

    Ford wants you to think only they can do it.
  7. $25 per key is way overpriced. For my '03, I bought 2 extra kay blanks from an online store (there are several) that specializes in transponder keys. Price was $9 each plus $6 priority mail shipping. I had Home Depot cut them for $1 each, then programmed per the instructions in the owner's manual. Home Depot said they would not guarantee a key if I supplied my own blank, but I didn't care. Both work just fine; I use one every day. I got an extra remote at the same time for $14.99 (included in the $6 shipping charge).
  8. n0v8or - Do you have the URL???

    Thanks for the help guys - I'm learning alot!
  9. mrvax, your Ford dealer sucks, man! I just bought a new one from my dealer and had it programmed for my '00GT for $65 with tax. I'd already bought one on eBay for the same price of ~$20. That's what my dealer charges, too... $40 to program/cut any number of keys, so I now have my original and two extras. :nice:
  10. me wanna know about this....n0v8or do u have that link yet? thanx

  11. you can do it yourself :nice:

    i broke my key too :bang: and i took it to a locksmith and he charged me 20$ for key and install :banana:
  12. Links for PATS transponder keys:

    I bought my blanks from chipkeys. I noticed they have raised their prices since June. You now have to buy 5 blanks to get to $8 each. But that might be a good idea, in case the key cutter makes a mistake on one or two. You could always resell (or give) a couple to a friend.
    Read carefully before purchasing for a '97. That year, I thing the GT/Cobra and non-Gt Mustangs used a different blank (10 tumblers Versus 8 tumblers).
  13. i feel your pain i got my car used with only one key,but i did get 2 remots lol
  14. According to the service manual for the 98 you MUST have 2 programmed keys to program a third. The dealer also told me this, and I know it is true for my 98. I'm not sure about the 96-97 though. It seems like it would be worth a try. Best case you avoid taking it to the dealer, worst case my service manual is right and you haven't lost anything. Good luck.
  15. so did you need 2 keys or did you use the one key method?
  16. 1 key for PATS I cars. 2 keys for PATS II cars. I believe 98+ are all PATS II.
  17. yep one key worked they kept telling over and over that they need to program it (read $100) and i told them to just copy the key and i will show them and i did. and everybody and the dealership was like WTF?
  18. They wanted $100 for the key and a program? :rlaugh: Thieves. :nonono:
  19. they wanted $100 to hook my car up to some computers and have them erase all the old keys and add the new keys i guess it takes almost an hour plus $28 per key and you might as well get 2 incase you need to copy any yourself later

    they thought all pats systems were the same but they are not the 97 mustangs have pats1 and 98 and newer have pats2 and with the pats2 you need 2 origional keys to make another one or they have to reprogram the pats. 97's you only need one key to make more keys.