Howdy - New Old Guy Here

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by 5.0 Ford Guy, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. I was signed up here years ago as 2FastLX. Since I no longer have that email, or the LX I simply decided to create a new account. I am the new owner of a 94 GT convertible. I have been into Mustangs since I was a kid and am now a 42 year old Mustang nut. My first car was a 65 Stang. Then I bought a 66. I have owned 6 Fox Body Stangs and now the SN95. I love these cars and I love the 5.0. See you around.
  2. Welcome. :)

    FYI, I can dig up the old account and merge them together, under whichever name you like.
  3. That would be fine. I will keep this account if you can merge all my old posts and stuff into this one.

  4. welcome back
  5. Thanks. It's been awhile. Nice website by the way madspeed. Looks yummy! ;)
  6. why thanks!
  7. What's up from Kansas