Howoften should I change my synthetic oil?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by NYStang2002, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. I just finished putting in Mobil1 0W20 when I changed my oil. How often should I change it? Somone at work told me that synthetic oil can be changed every year but i think thats a load of BS that guy must be smoking some serios $h!t!!!!
  2. the synthetic oils do last longer than convential types. problem is the filters arent. filters have lived their life at 5k tops. depending on driving habits.

    keep the same schedule :nice:
  3. I have a 96 GT that I bought from new. I installed synthetics at 1000 miles and have changed it 1 time per year from then on. I do a filter change at 6 months and top off the oil. I use 1 quart of oil per year + the 1/2 qt to replace what I loose with the filter change.
    From what I can see in my valve cover the inside of the engine is very clean with no nasty build up. I have been supercharged for the past 2.5 years.
    The motor is just as quiet and fuel efficient as the day I got it.

  4. you are going to hear everything from 3k to 10k..........i change mine at 5k(ford says 5 also) in all my vehicles. i run mobil 1 synthetic and mobil 1 oil filter. :nice:
  5. I run Mobil 1 and I change mine every 5K.
  6. I put in Amsoil full Syn 5W-30 at 3,000 miles in my GT. Amsoil has a recommended 25,000 mile or 1 year oil change interval, with a warranty. This can be viewed at their web site.
    I plan on changing my filter at 6 months, and changing my oil in one year.
  7. I agree with these guys. I run Redline synthetic new filter and top off at 5k and full change at 10k. 80K miles and my engine is as clean as can be inside. If using a petroleum based oil you could half that easily and be ok. New filter and top off at 2500 and full change at 5k. The same oils sold in Europe suggest a 7500 mile interval (petoleum based that is).
  8. what type of oil filter r u guys using with ur synthetics ?...I plan on switching to mobil1 5w30..I'm looking now for the filter reference..thanks...
  9. Mobil 1 and a new Fram every 5K.
  10. Syn Oil

    I use Mobil 1 5W30 and I change it every 5K miles. Works for me.
  11. Every 5k miles...
  12. 5k is a good number, 3 if your picky. I go every 3 since we put so few miles on the car now and we use the Ford oil that's part synthetic.

    I have read about others doing like 46gtsblown said and have had no problems
  13. I do mine every 5k....makes it easy to remember. 45,000..change oil. 50,000...change oil. And so on...
  14. Every 5K. 5-20 Royal Purple with a K-N Oil filter. Comes out almost as clean as it goes in!
  15. anywhere from 4-5 would be best!
  16. Oil change intervals depend upon driving habits/conditions. To be safe, 3000 miles will be fine for most any situations. 5000 is ok for normal driving habits/conditions. A factor is the filter you use. Be sure to use a quality filter and change the oil at regular intervals. Today's engines will last well over 100K IF we do the cheapest preventative maint there oil/filter change. The air filter and fuel filters are important too.
  17. the car has always had synthetic and is changed about every 3-4k miles. maybe that's why it lasted so long :p. and i've heard bad things about Fram filters, so i use only motorcraft filters now.:nice:
  18. I do it every 3000 miles just because Im used to it. I can't drive my car over 3000miles on an oil changes... makes me feel bad for the car.
  19. I only use Ford or Carquest. :nice:
    I run Amsoil 7500 and change at 7500.
  20. mobil 1 5w20 every 7500 with wix filter (best on the market and half the price of mobil one).