How's this for a Memorial

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  1. I just got back from a memorial service for a friend of mine who passed this year. The guy loved cars & motorcycles, owned many, had a 6+ car garage, and was a Haggerty insurance broker (one of the top brokers). This guy loved life and would not have wanted a stuffy funeral service. So, his wife and her brother (the deceasts business partner) came up with a car show/memorial service complete with an In and Out truck serving free burgers, chips, and drinks. They rented a local high school parking lot and auditorium. It was a very nice service and definately a nicer way to be remembered.
  2. Thats cool. Hate your friend passed :( . Something like that takes a little bit of the sting out of a passing, its more like a celebration of his life rather than a traditional service. Im sure he was happy with it. :nice:
  3. Ya it was cool. Even the pastor was a car guy (Mopar, but a car guy ;) ). One of his lines was that he tries to follow God's word, but after seeing Rich's new garage he was shaky on the Covet commandment :D
  4. Now THAT is the way to do it. :nice:
  5. My condolences, but definately the way he should be remembered...