HP Billet Cams on a Cobra Killer Car!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by MrMorden, Dec 3, 2003.

  1. My left head tossed a plug, so I had to have it sleeved. While the heads were off, I took the opportunity to have Tim, Jeff, & Andy at T&J performance drop in some Houston Performance billet blower cams. The cams are moderate lift (.531), but very long duration (292 degrees advertised, about 240 actual on both intake and exhaust).

    I got the car back today and the results are awesome. Before, the car made 378rwhp/373rwtq @ 10psi SAE. The car is currently making 407rwhp/365rwtq @ 9psi, but those are the numbers DE-TUNED because the MAF and 30lb injectors were pegged out. The rev limiter is currently set at 5800rpm.

    Tim's ordering 42lb injectors and a Pro-M MAF, so once those go in, the Novi intake restrictor is coming out and the fuel curve will get some more tweaks. Tim's estimate at that point is 430rwhp/390rwtq @ 6500rpm with 11psi boost. Take note also that he's kept the timing very mild and this car has even more power in it, but since this is my daily driver we're looking to keep it very safe.

    So for all you guys out there wondering if cams are worth it without head work, the answer is a resounding HELL YES! :nice: They seem to be worth about as much as an intercooler (but obviously not as good in hot weather!).

    EDIT: Oh yeah, the car LOPES LIKE A MOFO at idle now too. Sounds absolutely badass.
  2. Sounds awesome!!! Did you upgrade the springs as well?
  3. Yeah, it's got Comp beehives now. :nice:
  4. Congrats. I heard about your car. :nice:
  5. What are the chances you could post a sound clip of that lopey idle?

    Sounds like a sweet setup. I need some $$$. :(
  6. I'll see what I can do about a sound clip for you. The problem is unless I put a mic almost right in the tailpipe, you won't hear the exhaust over the blower whine...heh.
  7. bump for people that only read the first page...:)
  8. :nice:
    I am really jealous. I bet it sounds really good and the results speak for themselves.
  9. 8 more months til Im a cop... than the stang gets to have goodies :nice:

    Nice numbers, I wish I had the $$$ :nice:
  10. Don't be jealous, just have Tim order you some! :nice:

    The car is a little more finicky about throttle control, but overall it's a much cooler car now. Based on the feel, sound, and dyno results, I think the cams really unlocked the power that was waiting in my combo.

    I know I'll lose some power when things get warm again, so I may go for the intercooler in the spring if finances permit. That would make all this power much more temperature-stable.

    Tim says he has no doubt that when the fuel upgrades go in this will be an 11 second car. That means 12.5 seconds the way I drive. :rlaugh:
  11. Uh, dude...I was a cop. You're not going to have any money for goodies on a cop's salary... :nonono:

    Best of luck though, it's an honorable career! :flag:
  12. I wish I could but I'm a little scared with the stock block. I've added(or am adding) a couple of small items that may put me in the 430 ballpark already and I just don't want to push it. I would love to have that loping sound and that extra hp but I gotta wait. I guess I'll just have to appreciate listening to yours, Dave Lewis, and Jared's cars for now....
  13. Mr Morden,
    I heard your car over the phone this week. I was on the phone with Tim about my new motor and he said that was your car. I must also say your car looks great. Yours sounds just like mine. I love the new cams. I am having some tune problems but I will get it all worked out.

  14. Hey Brandon--

    What cams are you getting in your new motor? Tim showed me some of the motors and parts they're working on; pretty amazing stuff! What compression ratio are you going with, and how much boost do you intend to run?

    Good luck with it, I can't wait to see your new numbers! :nice:

    I was thinking in going with new cams but since I dont live in Georgia and Tim can´t tune my car in his shop... I think I will be buying the intercooler. :bang:
    It isnt a bad idea here is always hot (desert of arizona/sonora) :mad:
    Right now I'm enjoying the good weather 61° F :nice:

    Congrats on your new combo!! :banana:

    Hopefully one day I will break the 400hp barrier.

  16. Thanks! It's hot a lot here as well, so I think the intercooler will have to go on eventually. I've toyed with the idea of water injection too, so who knows?

    I think the intercooler's a better bet, but Tim already had my heads off, so cams were easier to justify to the wife. :rlaugh:

    About the 400 barrier, I was surprised how easy it was to cruise past with just the cams. It doesn't take much if you already have a blown car...the cooler should put you there.
  17. MrMorden,
    I went with costom Comp Cams and springs. I have no idea on the specs I left it up to Tim. He said he would take care of that end of the motor, he comes up with the grinds. I went with an 8.9/1 compression ratio. I am looking to see 18-20 psi. I ordered a 3.0 pulley. I had the total motor done. Tim thinks I should lay down 500+ rwhp :nice: . I think that should be easy since I made 408rwhp with only 8# of boost. I should have some new numbers this weekend when the car gets tuned. My tuner is pumped up to get this thing on the dyno. I want to drive the darn thing but the weather in Ohio sucks now.(salt on the roads, big no no) If you talk to Tim ask him about my old motor. :hail2:


  18. Congrats on the cams and new #s. Looks like Tim and Jeff are playing around with several cam setups. Comp, HP, VT.
    Not positive, but seems like I might be the T&J test-bed for the VT Blower cams. We know what they have done on another blown car (89 rwhp / 49 rwtq), so that was good enough for me. :nice:

    Enjoy your new found power.
  19. I'm honored. :D
    You'll be part of the cam crowd eventually.
  20. I saw the threads on your motor...tore it up pretty good, didn't you? :(

    What happened that you blew that motor up at only 408rwhp? Was the tune off, or was there a defect in the motor from the factory? Sorry you grenaded it, but happy for you on the new shortblock from T&J! :hail2: