Hp Estimate, Opinions/advice?

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  1. Hello fellow members, just seeing if anyone has some estimates on what kind of power i'm making with my current setup. Any advice for changes are welcome, but i'm normally working on a smaller budget than most.

    1984 Mustang GT 5 Speed
    87 block and bottom end
    Holley 600 vac. Sec.
    Performer RPM intake
    Gt40p heads w/ tfs springs
    Anderson n-41 cam
    BBK shorties
    BBK 2 1/2" offroad into thrush welded
    Electric fan
    No p/s or a/c
  2. If you're looking for an estimate/comparison check out the stickie at the top of the forum. But my guess is somewhere around 275 rwhp
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  3. Alright thanks, I read all the pages in the thread but didnt see a combo horribly close to mine to compare.
  4. 272.65 rwhp
  5. Wow these are higher numbers than I expected, around 250 was my guess but I tend to think low since it's nothing special.
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  6. That's refreshing to see. Usually people expect 400 whp out of a P setup. I bet it runs great though.
  7. Supercharge the crap out of that thing.
  8. I've researched supercharger's, they are just out of my budget for the time being. My plan is to buy the efi twin turbo kit from ebay( yea i've seen the reviews and heard about the problems) and modify it to fit my application. Seems to be my only option for forced induction, plus its more time to tinker with my car.
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  10. Roots are my favorite style, but even the used ones are out of my reach.
  11. Theres a local guy who has one of the twin kits you are talking about. I think its new and he's been trying to sell it forever.

    Edit, just looked. He wants $1100
  12. Would you know what kit it is? The 25 piece is most likely the one i'll settle on, its around $1100 also so his might be worth looking at if its a better system.

    They seem to change all the time but you get the idea.
  13. Nice setup, hope he can sell it but if it's still around in a month or two i'll have it saved to favorites.
  14. It's been around for a while, doubt its going anywhere soon.
  15. 248RWHP

    When I first got my 89, previous owner had it dyno'd. Had an Anderson N-41, E7 heads, explorer throttle body and cheepo "cold air" intake and FRPP headers.