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  1. Ive got an 88 LX 2.3. These are the modifications that I am going to make before Christmas, can somebody give me a hp estimate?

    - 3" Exhaust with peformance muffler, haven't decided which yet.
    - Exhaust Header
    - Air Intake
    - MSD 8mm ignition wires
    - High output coil wire
    - NGK plugs

    I think she runs about 90hp stock, so an estimate would be appreciated. Also, I know these things are all over the forum, but does anybody here have any other ideas? Thanks.
  2. I forgot to mention a K&N high flow as well
  3. If your asking that question on this board, the number one answer is going to be "Turbo Swap"!
  4. bump your timing aswell, maybe get 8-10hp outa them combined

    keep it real
    ps: go TURBO!
  5. The only reason why I am not thinking turbo swap at this point in time is because I dont think it is in my budget. I mean, by the time you have bought the turbo and replaced everyhing that needs to be replaced, you are lookig at a fairly hefty bill. Thats a good question actually, can somebody give me a list of things that need to be replaced if I want to bolt on a turbo? That would be appreciated. So, you figure that with all of those mods that I mentioned above, without a turbo, I would be running at around 100 hp?
  6. You can do that....OR you can just buy a turbo engine out of a turbocoupe or merkur and swap it in, also a preferred option on this board. The n/a doesnt have forged internals like the turbo engine and the turbo block is setup for the oil return from the turbo already. there are some other diff.'s too, but nothing major. It would be easier to swap in a turbo engine.
  7. I actually just got my motor out of the shop and put it back in the car a couple months ago. So this motor is 100% fresh, so I am not really too interested in buying a used motor and dropping that in. This motor now has literally 13km on it, so I'd like to keep it around.
  8. Patience is a money/time saver in the end. Start saving...its your money you can dump it into a 2.3na and get little return for your $$$. Or you can have some patience, hang around this board while your waiting for a deal on a turbomotor...learn what u need to know to do the swap and tune it well...and in the end have a 2.3T monster that makes rice run for the fields ...where the v8's are already hidding :nice: ive heard guys pull running turbo motors for as little as 50$ all the way upto 300$...its all about patience and looking around to get that deal. You would be lucky to pull off a nitrous kit for 300$ ...and even then you would still be slower a turbo setup. (or be like me and buy both :nice: ) anyways, its upto you, your car, your money and time...either way enjoy your stang

    -keep it real
  9. A guy on another forum told me that 3" exhaust is going to hurt more than help on these motors. He says 2.25" is the way to go. Do you guys agree?
  10. Two more questions for you guys. What do a new set of 4:10 gears usually cost? And my second question is, is there some kind of performance enhancing computer chip that you can buy and put in these 2.3L motors?
  11. HP estimate? Stock = 88hp. Listed mods = 100hp.

    Yes, 3" exhaust is WAY too big for the little 2.3. Save that for a turbo motor. 2.25" should be more than enough.

    The three ignition mods you suggested won't add any power. Maybe responsiveness, and perhaps a better top-end charge, but no added horsepower. The intake you are speaking of can be made for cheap using parts from Home Depot or Lowes.

    The exhaust manifold you would want to get is one from a Ranger. I would also recommend the Ranger cam and lifters.

    If you want to get more serious, port the heads, get forged pistons, and shave the head for increased compression.

    With the mods I recommended, that should put you around 150hp.
  12. Port & Polish. What is this? Does it add any power?
  13. i dunno bout 150hp, i would ask bhuff he is pretty much that setup (minus the porting)...if u wanted those numbers (or close too) it would hafta be professionaly ported and maybe oversized valves installed....that would be some serious work for only 150hp....but cool none the less for a 2.3na!
  14. Just as a general baseline, I had my car Dynoed about a month ago, its mostly stock, except for a 3g Alt and a Flowmaster with a Turndown, it put out 81hp and 100tq at the rear wheels...
  15. I would wait on the 3" pipes until after you mount a turbo :) I would love to have a 88 its a lot easier than my twin plug head to convert.
  16. [/SIZE] Now this would be a guy I would listen to :)
  17. Proubly the biggest proublem with the 2.3L turbo's was the head. The number one thing would be to port and polish it. This opens up the head by removing un needed material and smooths the air flow. I'm not sure but I got a good guess that the same applys to the N/A 2.3L fords. If you are not going to do the turbo I think I would listen to this guy the mods he mentions sounds tempting even for my N/a 2.3L.
  18. What year merkur is the turbo that swaps?
  19. All of them.
  20. He also has a power-robbing A4LD. When I said 150hp, I meant it at the flywheel, which makes sense. Bhuff is making, what, 117hp at the wheels? And thats with the automatic, unported heads, and a 9.7:1 compression ratio.