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  1. I know this doesnt belong in our forum but if i post it anywhere else nobody will answer me. i was just wondering what the hp difference between a regular camaro, a Z28, and a SS are? thanx guys
  2. There is really not that much of a difference at all. My friend posts on camaroz28.com and he told me that some stock z28s out dyno a stock SS. I think the only difference is, exhaust, appearance, and intake (not to sure about that tho)
  3. I know for sure that the intake was changed for the upgrade to the SS. They are supposed to dyno at 335 (crank hp).

    Either are a good buy, but the SS has a lot of upgrades. I was thinking about getting a 98 SS or my current car, but the LS1's sound like arse in general. Too much exhaust work to get them to sound decent.

    Damn mustangs!!! Gotta love em!

  4. well since ramair is just a coldiar, and once you get a lid it kinda defeats it all.... especially if you get the fast toys ramair.... on a non ws6 TA you dont need this because there is a bumper opening and air is blown straight into the lid

    and once you add after market exhaust they will dyno the same givin they both have as good an engine. there are wednesday motors and there are monday motors...... lots of difference between the freaks and the normal ones.

    also the 01-02 come with the ls6 intake and will make more power so dont compare separate years.

    the SS does have a tiny tiny bit better exhaust and suspension so very little difference... especially when you dyno with the hood open. that takes out all effects of the ramair hood scavenging cold air on the topend
  5. cliffnotes: just get a z28

    then you get the idiotic comments from people

    you: you wanna race?

    them: is it an SS or a Z?

    you: Z

    them: Oh Ill race you if its just a Z

    :nonono: ignorance
  6. I thought they did a lot of work to make it a ws6. Better suspension/transmission/rear end, etc? But I could be wrong!
  7. your wrong

    tiny bit better suspesnion and ramair 17 inch wheels
  8. so true, those are the same people that think we have a 4.6.
  9. whats the diff between lt1 and ls1
  10. LT1 is the old 350. Came in 94-97 camaro/firebird. I think they dyno at 250 HP, but I am not sure.

    LS1 is the new motor. All aluminum block. Came on 98-02 camaro/firebird. The dyno ratings are BS for their cars. I've seen a few dyno at 300 stock.
  11. ls1 is a 346 all aluminum block and will dyno 280s-low 300s stock and with factory options. its Gen II and shares head style with the 6.0 and 5.3 that are in the new trucks and SUVs
  12. I thought that the LS1 was a 347 alum. block
  13. simple rounding
  14. 93 Camaro and Firebirds were LT1's also.