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  1. Hey everyone new to site not new to mustangs. Have a question. I bought a 2011 gt mustang that has a boss intake manifold,a cold air intake, a pipes super bomb 3 inch exhaust, pypes short x pipe,373 gears six speed and an SCT tune. Its very fast. Any ides of hp at wheel and crank? What could it possibly do in quarter mile?
  2. Getting it on a dyno is going to net you much better results than us throwing darts at this, especially considering we have no idea what kind of tune is on there.
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  3. Thanks man. Its a bama 93 octane race tune. Im thinking it has over 500 crank does that seem reasonable?
  4. No.
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  5. :lol: That struck me funny but it's true.
  6. Pony car with all my mods what do u predict my hp at wheel and crank would be?
  7. The intake gained you nothing in terms of HP. All it really did was move your HP and torque curves up a little in the rpm range. If anything, you lost some of the lower rpm grunt that you had from the factory.

    Your tune might have gained you a few HP but nothing anywhere NEAR the 60+ HP you would need to break 500.

    The exhaust system gained you nothing in terms of HP either. All that really did was to change your exhaust note.

    Just to give some sort of comparison... I've seen a dyno here and there that showed the Boss intake, cold air kit, larger throttle body, and CUSTOM tune, gain 30-ish HP.

    On the flop side of that, I've seen SCT lend to failure of the #8 cylinder. Hopefully they've fixed that by now.
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  8. The dyno i watched from American muscle on the intake and tune was more than nothing. But hey this is all new to me thanks. Cars fast so im happy

  9. Yep... Just enjoy it for a while. After some time in the seat, you will start to decide what those things are that you might like to improve.
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  10. Thanks. I think chin spoiler,gt500 wing and eleanor scoops for now until i get used to the power and need more lol
  11. Suspension to plant that power to the ground!
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  12. I don't even bother with making predictions. I'd just be as wrong as the next guy who guesses. The first thing you need to do is get a dyno tune. Each car is individual and this is the best way to harness as much HP out of the mods you already have. Then get a shifter, bigger brakes (no point in going fast if you can't stop), and upgrade the suspension (no point in making HP if you can't get it to the ground or keep it there). After these four things start building more power if you still want it. Too many guys run out and build power before they build a car that can use it all.
  13. Thanks pony car. I have the short throw steeda tri axe. Surprisingly i can launch the car great just sqeels four gears power shifting lol. Redline is around 7600 or so with this tune. And yes brakes and Suspension are a, must for this car. My last car was a sstc cobalt with brembos and great suspention so I'm getting used to the Stang again. This is my third one i love them
  14. 500 crank might be a bit high, but it's in the neighborhood. Quarter mile will all lie with your ability and tires, but your trap should be around 120. If you're running 11s then you're a rockstar.
  15. Stock tires, and density altitude of 2500 i did 13.0 @ 112....vettes and a Shelby only went 13.1 due to the density altitude so high. I expect [email protected] ish of weather permits. Slicks will be my best bet too