HP/TQ Graph for the new SOHC (3) Valve 4.6...

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  1. This is a quote from the Friday, Jan 9 issue of the Winnipeg Free Press:

    "Exclusive, We drive the 2005 Ford Mustang!" By David Booth

    "...judging by back-to-back 4000 rpm and-dump-the-clutch escapades with the '04 model at Ford's proving grounds, the new engine is decidedly healthier, willing to spin the tires well into second gear while the '04 could barely manage a chirp."

    Sounds promising.
  2. Don't be a tease, where is the rest of the article :mad:
  3. Who's yer pal Tyler?
  4. Yet the first of many "why no IRS" or "my gripe with no IRS"

    We cattered to 30% of the mustang drivers who drag race.
    (Meanwhile not giving the other 70% who would appreciate it)

    But I know, they are banking that the 70% are just regular joe's who don't know the difference...

  5. Seems to me it's keeping the cost down and their selling 200k a year doing it by keeping it realistic in price. How many want a 30k GT? I know your probally like the crowd that wants everything on the car for 20k. Look around at the prices of cars with everything.

    There are a lot of Cobras that can be had for 32k or so if you want IRS but I wouldn't want the pay 1500/2000 dollars extra for that cheap front wheel drive unit Ford calls IRS. Bring out one like the Vette and I'll change my mind but it will cost a bunch of $$$$.

    I for one don't want to pay extra for the 1% of you that want to take it to the track or the very few that buy these cars that live near winding roads. A lot of folks drive city and freeway and those road are fairly stright and these cars handle just fine IMO. More folk get into trouble because they don't know how to handle the torque on this car or RWD on ice/snow and IRS does nothing for that.

  6. I'm sure with the 2005 Model Ford is trying to advertise every ounce of power they have from the new 3v. I doubt the 05 will be as underrated as the Mach 1 and the 03 cobra which are Redicuously underated, 325 HP For the Mach and 420HP for the Cobra. I'm pretty sure they won't pull that again.
  7. I'd hate to see the cost associated with a "Gear Swap" in the IRS as well.
  8. why do you call it a fwd unit. it's still an 8.8" r&p, it just has half-shafts and universals instead of axles and tubes.

    why, still just an 8.8"


  9. If you want to see a properly designed IRS go look at the Viper/Vette. They don't have wheel hop and they were designed with the cars RWHP in mind. It's not a unit out of an 99/01 that had wheel hop at the HP level. Either car will take a Cobra at any type of racing because they design the IRS with the car in mind not pull something off an old model.

    Fact is WOT from a stop with street tires will flat rip out the half shaft in a new cobra in no time :nonono: . But if you beef it up it gonna cost. IRS plus wider tires (and better,more $$$) and rims, this is a package not just throwing on IRS unit designed for a car with much less HP.
  10. Vipers and Corvettes are little more pricey than Mustangs so I would hope they put that extra cost to some use. And btw, dropping the IRS was completely a cost issue, the car was just too expensive to make w/o a huge price hike, pleasing drag racers was just a bonus.
  11. I love it when people make the assumption that the IRS of a new chassis is going to have the same problems of the IRS that was shoe-horned into a 1970's chassis. Fact is, the 03 Cobra has the greatest suspension of any vehicle with such an ancient chassis, and SVT deserves a lot of credit for making it work so well. The IRS used for the new special edition and SVT models will almost certainly have little to no wheel hop, because the chassis was designed and built with IRS in mind. In the 70's, IRS was far too expensive and up-scale for the Fairmont chassis that FOX is based on.
  12. why, still just an 8.8"

    Because NOW shops are going to see the IRS as something "Exotic" and Charge out the azz for Labor cost. :rolleyes: