Hrmmm....what am I up to?

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  1. it begins....(finally)


    had to get a shot in of the truck that's been saving my ass all winter


    I think I'm excited. I think I'm banana excited. :banana::banana:

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  2. Parting it out?

  3. did it get wrecked? I see in your sig a car that looks very much the same but together. What are you planning?
  4. hahaha, not parting it out, and it didn't get wrecked haha

    Getting some engine work done, and some new sexy paint!
  5. your doing your two tone silver??:nice:
  6. not silver, but dark shadow grey and black
  7. Holy crap so I take it you didn't manage to have it towed to the paint shop saturday morning, eh? Hopefully some miscellaneous emissions parts fell-off while it was being towed, it'll make for less things to put back together later :D
    I can post some of the tear-down pics I took if you want when I get home from work.

    Lemme know when the engine work commenses
  8. are you going to tint your face DSG too? (the original picture of the concept is badass btw)

    I'm incredibly excited to see this by the end.

    Did you have fun ripping it to pieces?

    one of the pictures reminded me of mine at that point:


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  9. haha, actually yeah, we had a fun time tearing it wasn't until we ran into a complete stranger that knew 5.0 litres better than he knew how to breath, that we really got things rolling.

    The good news: My engine after all it's kilometers, looks great, so it's a great foundation to build off of.

    The bad news: wow, a whole lotta vacuum lines decided to snap during the removal of things

    Some more pics of the teardown...I actually think the front shots look mean as hell


    these are the 3 guys that helped me a ****load overall, so I figured I'd grab a picture of'em...all 3 of em lurk around on here, well, 2 of'em, Stephane finally decided to join us last year

    Stephane, feel free to post whatever pics you have, i'd be excited to add them to my collection...

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  10. OHHHH the memories....




    ^^^ I'm almost positive they call that sex in a can :D

    Aaron, i cant wait to see the progress of this project...whats in store for the motor?

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  11. wow, she looks a wreck.
    it's amazing how brutal the car must look first before it goes through its transformation into a beatiful sex beast.

    I'm anxiously anticipating this bad boy...

    edit: Aaron, the name of the guy whose dad is selling the 18" chrome rebel rims is Cobra_Dusten
    just in case you wanted to know
  12. That car looks like azz..............missin' parts and shi@.......:nonono:

    Just kidding Aaron.....quite the undertaking....I knew you were doing the body/paint....and last year you mentioned pulling the motor.........what a project...

    you could have gotten done sooner if't playing one handed pocket pool.................:rlaugh:
  13. Sweet progress pics... :nice:
  14. Are you doing a hood before you paint it?
  15. Who has the Neon? :D At the very first pass on the rear end, that was my first thought.

    Joking aside, it looks like you're having a blast!

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  16. haha bastard! good eye...
    Everyone torques their own nuts once in a while :shrug:
  17. Aaron...I have purchased from that user name...I think the problems ......I think he had 2 white stangs.......or maybe I'm
  18. Here's some crappy cell phone pics I took of the tear-down in question


    And about 20 minutes later....


    And the fun begins...

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  19. Who's shop is it? It must be nice having access to a lift
  20. See I wish I had the time and money to get my car re-painted and rebuild the top end and maybe get the block and heads painted.:( Good luck man and have fun:D