Hrmmm....what am I up to?

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  1. aaron, we need to get going on your motor.......i saw the acr for my first time lastnight in person sinec it was glad i had some extra underwear cuz it was damn sexy man:D
  2. Aaron, we need a CBC, type & cross for blood, chest x-ray, a CT of the brain without contrast, and MORE PICS STAT! Sorry for the medical humor, I'm currently sitting at work, bored, and this thread hasn't had any updated pics since last month!
  3. Whatever happened to this car? Did he sell it or what?
  4. I talked to him like last week and he said the motor is getting built finally. Didn't talk much after that
  5. Hey ****er whats up, I havent been on stangnet for like a year just got back from my trip a while ago. I was waiting to find a thread about your stang and here it is, sweet man like what you chose for the paint. :nice: Cant wait to see pics of it all put back together. Taker easy and dont dry hump it too hard, dont wanna scuff the paint...but on the other hand if your naked....ill stop there :rlaugh:

    ps: what are you doing for front, rear and sides?
  6. that language is unacceptable please refrain. The rules haven't changed young man:D
  7. Holy Ressurection

    Ok, so I HAVE found a guy who's going to do a build for me, using all the aftermarket stuff I've managed to grab onto over the past year....I wish I had the time to try it myself, but as stephane or others can attest to, I have very little time nowadays with my 2 jobs, one of those requiring work up training for some overseas fun in November.

    I was contemplating leaving the build until next year, but then I had a morbid, morbid thought, and decided to build it before I head off to Kandahar. Not sure if you guys read much about the Canadian side of things in Afghanistan, but we're very much involved with the fight, and have been for a while.

    I want to drive my car at least once before I go over there, for obvious reasons, so only lately, I've decided to really put a push on things. There's a few things I'm lacking right now, simple parts to make the engine work, but once I've got'em in my grubby little hands, that engine will be built in a day and in my car in a week. He's already got my heads out for a full rebuild and race prep.

    Conclusion to novel: The mustang will be running strong before the year is out, I can PROMISE you this. My only regret is that I didn't get it done before the summer...but I'll make up for it :nice:
  8. Its about time you got on that!
    I dunno if your plans differ now from the last time I talked to you, but be sure post-up specs on the build as you gitter duun. Too bad I'm not around to use my car as a template, but I guess you could always go bug the other Aaron :D
    Good luck, mang, I hope you're able to take 'er for a spin before you leave the country.
  9. Do you have any pictures of the body/paint put back together?
  10. the front bumper is off of it still, and sitting in my living room, but i've got a few random pictures of it's current state

    let's see here...


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  11. Son of a b, I'm not sure how I missed all this. It looks amazing! Hope to see it all back together and you flying down the road in it soon.
  12. make sure in your will the car comes to me