Hrmmm....what am I up to?

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  1. OMG im in love:eek:
  2. thanks for the kind words, fella's. Id go take more pics if I didn't have to go to work right now
  3. awsome

    Tom last i seen he had to decide not to do a stripe and leave it as is "for now"
  4. Very very nice Aaron.

    Good call with the lack of touching the car. Compressed air at the most..............

    How come my car doesnt have the stuff yours does. :p I'm having vent envy. :D
  5. you still going w/ the svo side exhaust, Aaron?
  6. Goddammit that looks sweet! I'll have to come see this thing soon man, lemme know when and where.
  7. Definitely jealous. That's awesome. I think you gave me a really good idea for my upcoming paint job for my Audi Coupe. I think I may try to spray this time around, instead of just doing the prep.

    Aaron, let me know when you can get me the dimensions for your rear seat delete + sub box. It's no rush, as I probably won't install the system until later in the summer. You have two 12s right?
  8. Jinx - Correct. Unless it starts to bother me, no stripe....the way it looks now, in certain lights, it almost looks like a fade to grey, which looks as good as the line

    JT- Always a good thing to hear good words from yourself..I'm really thinking, with the side skirts and bumpers on, those vents should look good

    Paul - still hoping for the SVO skirts, but for now, the side exit will just come underneath the stock skirts. Eventually upon getting the SVO's, I have some custom idea's which I may need help with from 69Clark

    Stephane - at this point in time, I love to go see my car as much as I me and we'll go're gonna enjoy it :nice:

    Duncan - we should really tee up on the rear seat thing, i don't have dimensions because we did the stencils in cardboard then the guy who did the install (an installation genious) just started pounding away like a desperate porno hopeful.

    the interior of my car is FILTHY with dust....anybody have any suggestions on how to clean that, since I've never let it get this dirty before?
  9. man ,your car looks sick...i wanna see it sometime soon haha ,let me no when you are working sometime and i will drop by and have a look haha...good work man:canada:
  10. i think you're one of the few people who's seen it in person so far, even if it was in passing, but soon enough it'll be on the road man :nice:
  11. As soon as I get my engine back in order we'll meet up and hopefully will be able to figure something out. Maybe within the next two weeks?

    As far as cleaning the interior, I only ever use soap (dish) and water. I don't like using any of that armorall stuff, mostly because I don't like the effect it gives. Plus, with soap and water, you know everything is getting cleaned, not greased. I usually use ivory, because it tends to be neutral smelling and 'soft on hands' :D
  12. hahaha, but will it get the dust off everything?
  13. yes. use a rag or two, make sure you rinse it out in between wipings. Vaccuum first.
  14. Swiffer cloths are awesome for dust and dirt, i go thru boxes of them every year.
  15. Sorry for a continuation of unfinished car pics, but i got a good shot of the 2 tone today, earlier in the morning

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  16. Much better!!!!

    but why is it always wet!?!? :rlaugh:
  17. haha, because it always gets water spots so i feel the urge to spray'em off before i take pictures

    once i'm not scared of the chamois anymore, you'll get some quality "dry" pics