Hrmmm....what am I up to?

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  1. hahahahahahhahaha
  2. wow that thing is going to be sex on wheels...
  3. Aaron really loves his car.

    Depending upon how crappy your municipal water is, it could be etching the paint as it is. I'd remove the hose nozzle and try letting the hose douche the surface (the sheeting can leave fewer spots). You could use a MF Drying towel very lightly (better yet - just lightly blot your way around the car).

    Anyhow, it's lookin great man. We cant wait to see it once it's all back together. :nice:
  4. :rlaugh: your pants look so tight lmao
  5. Sweetness. :nice:

    So how did you get the scoops to fit that good?
  6. His pants are that tight :rlaugh:

    Looking good Aaron...A wierd part of me always thought the car looked really sinister without the front and rear bumper covers on. Especially the way it makes the rear look. Of course you couldn't drive it around like that....
  7. :rlaugh:

    The question, Jeff, is why are you looking at my pants? Something you're not telling us? It is gay pride weekend in Kingston :rolleyes:
  8. hahaha, i was freakin pissed off when i got home, but that last picture made me crack up!
  9. That is sexy man.
  10. That is one sexy automobile! :drool:

  11. :rlaugh: that i cannot answer ,they just caught my eye HAHA:rolleyes:

    That is why i left kingston this weekend:D haha
  12. ha ha ha you want his kingston
  13. lol ,speechless haha

    anyways ,cars looking good hahaha
  14. Aaron..disregard my pm....I didn't read the entire thread.......until today....:bang:

    The feature material.......I would send some pics of the finished bad boy to Tom's stop pulling the Bobby Brown'n it and humpin around......and get it back together...:rlaugh:
  15. Hey aaron...long time no talk bud? How's it goin?? Good? Bad? Well i dont care man...honestly....i really dont.......

    Im so F#&$ING jealous of you. So shut it up.

    lol :drool:
  16. Holy crap Nate! Where've you been...appreciate the kind words man haha, i'll give an update after work today
  17. lol just workin and trying to get the stang runnin half way well. Get that beast finished!
  18. Any updates?