hsean's project "resto mod"

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  1. looking awesome man!!!
  2. thanks
  3. whats new?

    im getting anxious over here in st. louis waiting to see more! any new updates?!:hail2:
  4. lol ,nothing right now i am still collecting parts for the suspension i picked up
    x2 steeda ball joints and bumpsteer kit.i still need more parts to finish the suspension.i don't forsee any updates for a few months i have to get the furnace fixed in the garage its going to get real cold up here in michigan.my goal right now is to have it back on four wheels by spring and get the motor all cleaned up.
  5. sounds good, looking forward to updates... it gets pretty cold down here too, so i guess i need to get my garage ready for winter myself... can we say "JIM BEAM"??? and of course coffie:D
  6. It is really coming along nicely. great job! :nice:
  7. thanks man
  8. i wasn't able to work on the car this winter my younger brother was murdered here in the city of detroit on december 2nd of last year.i am back at it now alittle but i've been working long hours at work.i have been collecting parts for my suspension and other things.here is what i have picked up for the project

    upper and lower ford racing control arms


    1"phelonic spacer with studs for the cobra intake
    and oem original intake emblem

    oem original 93 cobra hatch notice the holes where the center part of the wing mounts

    i decided against using the vert doors i fixed and bought a mint set that are perfect here is one of them.


    i picked these up at a swap meet and i plan on installing these in the doorpanel recessed in mdf board and where the map pockets would be normally.i picked up a mint set of black door panels but of course i won't be using the map pockets.


    here is what i did do this week in my spare time for my radio and shifter

    i started by making a pattern out of cardboard

    spent hours with a file ,the blue dye was used to get accurate lines before cutting.

    and the finished product


    and with the radio

    i am looking to get the eibach springs and tokico shocks this week anybody think of better choice of shocks and springs?
  9. I love my Bilstein shocks & struts.

    Radio bezel looks great. Did you consider making it a one-piece design? It'd flow so smoothly.
  10. i did but when i made the template it looked kind of weird to me
  11. Nice job sofar. keep up the good work nothing like a long fun project ( I know this all too well :D) sorry about your brother, very sad.
  12. thanks i don't think this thing will ever be done even when it's done.as far as my brother the shooter was only 16.they need to bring back the death penalty here in michigan,some of you guys in states like texas are lucky.
  13. Sorry to hear about your brother. That console looks great at the same time.
  14. thanks for both, i am going to start on the window bezels this week the ones i won on ebay have too much of a chrome finish to them even though they're made of aluminum.
  15. well its been awhile since i updated this and i had planned on working on it all winter but my basement had alot of mold and it took precedence.i did manage to get the car back on all fours albeit minus brakes ,fuel lines and brake lines.i installed eibach pro springs and tokico shocks all the way around but not before i painted them all red.



    i welded up the t-top brace to the roof and finished it with metal based bondo and then epoxy primered it the t-top trim piece goes over it

    i found the hood i always wanted locally but it had hood pins cut into it i repaired it and will have to finish it.i plan on doing something underneath to stop it from flying open on me.



    i started on my door speaker pods and i'm extremely happy with the way they came out they will be wrapped in leather
    i picked up a 4' peice of mdf board and went to work

  16. the recaro pic was by mistake those are going to a friend of mine
  17. Those speaker panels look sweet!!
  18. thanks ozz remember when i told you my idea for the speaker panels last summer at the ford show?yeah they came out great but alot of work !!!!!!!!
  19. I don't think so but I can hardly remember anything half the time :crazy: