hsean's project "resto mod"

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  1. I will be there just like you minus my car i will look for you what time are you going be there?but I'm pretty happy with the progress I have made I hooked up a battery to check my electrical and it was nice to hear the key chime if you guys like the speakers wait until you see the center console I will hopefully finish that tomorrow totally bad ass .i will be also reupholstering The rear inner quarter panels As well
  2. the center console it just needs to be glued on which will happen tomorrow not all the stitching is shown here but it is done

    IMG_0364.jpg IMG]http://i1219.photobucket.com/albums/dd422/hsean1/IMG_0364.jpg[/IMG]
  3. dropping the motor in



    minus a few items which i have
  4. mind you the motor is very dusty and i can't wash anything until all the hoses are hooked up and odds and ends
  5. the valve covers upper and lower intake are powdercoated in mirror black here is a close up of my valve covers before i installed them .you can see my reflection
  6. my rear suspension minus the rear vented rotors and brakes which i haven't installed the brake lines are stainless and i went with braided lines to the calipers which i have to install
    the tank got new sending unit ,fuel pump and vapor
  7. IMG_0179.jpg
    remember i took it down to this
    and now getting close

    i duct taped the side skirts kind of anxious
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  8. thats weird never seen that with photobucket before now its under maintenance
  9. IMG_0075.jpg

    the one on the right was on my other mustang and i wanted to make sure this never happened again once i pop riveted these in place the one on the right including all the pieces was sandblasted clean.there was no rust on them just alittle surface rust on a few and i epoxy primered painted and sealed them. IMG_0335.jpg

    and here is a pic of my car with the oem original side ground effects pop riveted in i didn't have a template to go by so i had to carefully measure the ground effects and drill holes in my rocker.my measurements were spot on .
    for those of you who haven't followed the thread from the beginning i have collected all original oem 93 cobra parts hence the different colored side ground effects.it took me three years but it was worth it just seeing the fit and finish of oem.
  10. The console is awesome. The soft leather look reminds me of my G, and that's something that I'd have loved to have done on the dash in the Stang if it were a darker color. You're definitely going to have one of the nicest Fox interiors I've ever seen.

    I will probably get to Woodward around 11-12.
  11. Man, this thing is gonna be sweet. Looks like a ton of hard work, props to you man.
  12. thanks ozz i still have to make the boot for the e-brake but the detail in it is awesome my mother worked on the center console for about 4 hours getting the detail i asked of her.i will post pics of it later in the evening if i get around to upholstering it today.as far as the cruise i will see you at that time i don't want to stay there too long have to work on the car.
  13. thanks a lot of work but worth it the whole interior will be upholstered to give it a more european look
  14. Sam, This is John and I met you at the Mustang Deaborn Show. My buddy had the Sunset Pearl 88 T-top. I'm following your build. Looks Awesome.
  15. I got a sneak peek of the console. Very slick!! Can't wait to see it all sewn up 100%
  16. Thanks John welcome to stangnet
    Hey Ozz I will be upholstering the rear inner quarters as well soon it will complete the look I'm after
  17. Man, I remember seeing the shell on the tires in the back yard. You have come a long way. Keep it up!
  18. here is the center console came out really nice
    a close up of the detail
    and the shifter boot again my mother sewed all these up
  19. update as far as the scraping that i was hearing from the bellhousing i dropped the transmission and sure enough there was a groove caused by the pressure plate .thank god thats all it was i would hate to have had to pull the motor and start over.i was worried the cylinder walls may have rusted and was the scraping i was hearing.i hope to have it running on thursday since my kids football scrimmage is tomorrow.
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