hsean's project "resto mod"

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  1. Awesome, doing the whole thing like that is going to make it 10x better. BTW that yard by me just got a 4-eye 5.0 in a couple days ago. Most the engine is still there, I just saw it today
  2. the only thing i still need is the part that attaches to the pig on the rear end just in front of the rear of end of the drive shaft.i cant remember the name right now .is it an 8.8 rear end and are you planning on going back?i am busy until saturday afternoon
  3. I didn't look but it ought to be. I'm not going back for a while and will be out of town pretty much tomorrow night-Monday night.
  4. Sam, when you get it all put together I'd like to see it in person
  5. definately have to get together here is a pic i took last night the maximum motorsport strut tower still needs to be painted and you can see my armrest that i customized on the top right.the inner rear quarters are getting done this week and i will post some pics of those.progress is a little slow right now with my kids sporting activities after school and the new kitchen my wife wants to put in.
  6. by the way it is running i started her up last saturday still looking for a return line for my power steering rack.i have the hose but the rack i bought didn't have the fitting i don't want to run it like this and burn the pump out.
  7. Do you need the hose or a fitting all the way to the rack? I have some PS stuff laying around but not sure how much/what.

    Do you happen to have an extra pressure line? I need a new one as mine is leaking.
  9. No luck on an extra fitting :(
  10. no problem thanks for looking there is a guy in belleville that has one that i will pick up tomorrow hopefully that and the harness to the 5 speed trans.i have to move my car into my neighbors garage this week so that the kitchen cabinet guys have somewhere to place the mess that they are going to create.
  11. well not much progress because of other projects, i had made an agreement with the wife that i would finally update the kitchen as long as i got to spend money on my car this past summer.

    here is the final result of one month of work i took 2 weeks off from work the cabinets and granite i hired out but the rest i did.
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/ated2394il3n5x6/2013-01-01 07.57.41.jpg
  12. That looks REALLY nice. I wanna do granite. Can I ask how much it ran you? I think its around $4500 to do my kitchen
  13. 2013-01-01075708_zps52f96455.jpg

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  14. the old cabinets went into the garage so i decided to update the garage
    here is the restaurant booth i reupholstered in grey leather
    2012-12-02133917_zpsb1aa54ed.jpg 2012-12-02133933_zpsbe5335db.jpg 2012-12-02133933_zpsbe5335db.jpg

    rebuilt my own frames

    and then
    and the workbench i made and the old kitchen cabinets painted

    it took me close to two months to finish painting the garage and appliances i painted the freezer and and fridge with automotive paint.i finally got back to working on the car

    i finished all the electrical routing and hiding under the dash for my ambient lighting and routed in installed all the switches for my custom center console.
    the carpet is new but i need to vaccum it out alot of holes that i had to cut out i also added the pedals
    also added the b&m short throw shifter

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  15. Very cool :) Hope to see the Mustang completed this year, now!
  16. i hope to still a ways away i need to put it back on jack stands and throw the exhaust and drive shaft in . i need to charge the battery and i was able to locate the return line for my power steering rack.i can now start the car and keep it running not worry about burning out the pump.i haven't done that yet hopefully no leaks!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. the granite was around 4,000 alone i shopped around with 4 different companies
  18. kinda what I figured. You seem to have a little more counter space than I do though
  19. i knocked out a wall where i had a laundry room and expanded my laundry is now downstairs
  20. Looks great. You may have said already, but are you sticking with the Cobras?