hsean's project "resto mod"

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  1. well i went to my favorite ford car show here in michigan but unfortunately it was without my car .my friend is doing an awesome job on it and he got swamped with work in the middle of prepping my car.i should be getting the car back in a few days .scott whos username is hotfox here on stangnet came over the house and so we went to the shop to see the progress.
    here is a couple of pics after it was painted in the booth

    here is one with scott
    and the closeups
  3. Sam the car looks awesome. I wore out my flip flops looking for your car at the show. Will you have it back in time the Dream Cruise?
  4. thanks john ,i am hoping to take it there but it will be close i still have alot of work to do when i get it back in a couple of days but i could atleast get the exterior parts on the car.i saw your buddys tangerine orange t-top there at the show but no one was around.
  5. Paint looks great man... and maybe I missed it in the thread somewhere, but was what involved in putting the S197 front seats in the fox? They don't just bolt in do they?
  6. Yes that is me in the picture. First time with my car at the show had a great time! Also enjoyed hanging with Sam after the show! The car is defiantly magazine worthy no doubt about it! It is not only a complete restoration but has some things done that no one else has done. Seeing the car at the paint shop in person the pictures do not do it justice! Makes mine look pretty sad in comparison:(.

  7. I was parked next to my buddys T-top but I left at noon to go out on the lake. Mustang Monthly contacted my buddy and they are going to do a Photo Shoot of his car. He was pretty excited.
  8. no they don't you don't use the s197 seat tracks at all ,you remove the seat tracks from the seats .i bought tubular steel from lowes cut them to size and welded them to the bottom of the seats and then drilled holes through then and bolted them down to the foxbody seat tracks.you might be able to get away with not using the tubular steel but i wanted mine to be safe .
  9. very deserving car one of my favorites at the show by far!!!!will be on the lookout for that issue.
  10. thanks scott i hope you are right as far as magazine worthy that would be awesome.you are right the pics don't do it justice can't wait to get her home and finish her up .i cleaned up the garage today so i am ready.your car is pretty damn nice and judging by my neighbors that came by to see and hear it they walked away pretty impressed.in fact mike told me later that night that your car was the best foxbody he had seen from all my friends who have stopped by with their cars.serious whiplash being in the passenger seat of that car.
  11. i haven't washed my car since i got it back from paint i have been busy with work and my sons peewee football.this weekend i will have time to work on it a bit so i thought i would post what it currently looks like.
    my brand new mclaren tail lights
  12. i still have to install the cobra side ground effects i made a list of things that need to go on the car and its awfully long
  13. Great to see so far! What'd you do to keep the sides (behind the wheels) of the rear bumper tight? Mine give headaches no matter what I do!!
  14. its an oem cobra bumper so it attaches like the gt ones perfect fit overall i am pretty happy with how it all came together.
  15. no the one that comes off the sides actually has studs on it ,it is inserted in the sides behind the wheel area and pushed through the holes there.then you use nuts to screw it down.the bracket above is to attach the side ground effects
  16. i am picking up these oem saleen wheels they are 18x9 alittle curb rash so i have to repair them i am leaning heavily on powdercoating mirror black.what do you guys think?or should i stay with the 99 oem cobra wheels.
  17. Just like the long piece that goes on the inside of the bumper's face? I can't find anything like that on 50resto. Might have to hit a yard or search for used online...
  18. by the way the rear end on my car is off a 96 gt will this be a problem?do i really have to roll my fenders which i don't want to do.
  19. i have one but one of the studs is broken i might have another you can have them for free if you ever make the 20 minute trip to my house.