hsean's project "resto mod"

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  1. i will snap a pic and send it to your phone
  2. It's really great to see your project back on the tracks. The paint looks awesome! This will be one sweet t- top when your done.

    My .02 cents, I like the wheels you have on it now.
  3. thanks!!!! i am leaning keeping both sets of wheels since i can't make up my mind.i am really excited and anyone that has seen my car in person marvels on my choice in color.it really made it stand out and with all the little things i have planned for it,it will truly be one of a kind.
  4. I love Saleen wheels on a fox. What about chroming them rather than going black? Black is stealthy, but I feel like the fad will fade. Chrome looks great against a dark paint job, and is more timeless.
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  5. i already have that look with the polished cobras ,i love chrome on black and red cars not so much on grey cars
  6. Fair enough, I guess black would give you a completely different look than what you currently have.
  7. i like black wheels but i am a little biased
  8. I've had black ponys on my 93 since 2001. I'm kinda burnt out on them since so many cars / trucks have black wheels now. I'm thinking about doing a basic 5 lug conv with anthracite / polished lip tri-bars to change it up.
  9. i love the look of anthracite i've also kicked around the idea of body color.that would look great with your red car .
  10. dibs on the cobras, if u sell them! that will be my reason to go 5lug.
  11. No problem Scott is I decide to sell them they're yours
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  12. i took these about three weeks ago i haven't had time to work on the car with my 10 year olds son football games and practices.


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  13. Very nice! How did you wash it without a windshield??? Very carefully would be the obvious answer I guess.
  14. I hosed it off just to get the dust off
  15. Very cool build. :nice:
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  16. here are more pics that i came across on my external hard drive that i never posted but very funny

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  17. I totally forgot that is how the car started. Not gonna lie, I had my doubts when I first saw you doing that! You did awesome man. One question though, the car seems to sit high in the rear? I cant remember what set up you have without looking back, but is that how you plan to leave it?
  18. I've been thinking on the saleen wheels what about black chrome? seems like a good option.