hsean's project "resto mod"

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  1. here is the last before epoxy primer


    with some epoxy primer






  2. i have removed the rollcage and i have to weld up some holes where the cage was mounted.the next step will be to epoxy primer the floorboards and underneath as well. the plan is to try and shoot some paint in the engine bay and floorboards myself before it gets to cold here in michigan.

    here is a few pics of the color that i am leaning towards it was a cloudy day but the color still looks good.

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  3. the previous owner making that a drag car may have saved it. it kept it off the road in the ohio winters. I bought a 84 t top notch in central ohio the p.o. made a drag car out of, it was the super clean for a rust belt car.
  4. God dam that engine bay is looking good dam good!! nice work hsean:nice:
  5. that is so true this car is unbelievably clean for a 23 year old car .i really got lucky when i found this car in ohio of all places.i really expected it to be a rust bucket.
  6. thanks man coming from someone who has one of the nicest enginebays around i appreciate that.i would recommend that someone do this to really get that clean look when you pop the hood.i just will never do this again when i read that it is alot of work man you guys weren't kidding. there were alot of days where the wife said you've been making all that noise and driving the neighbors nuts with no progress.
  7. looks good, wish i could justify doing that to my car, but just wouldnt fit with the race car status
  8. this car is going to be super clean when your done!
  9. Engine bays lookin nice man!!! Looks alot like mine!!
  10. here is the sanded part of the engine bay boy i must have spent a month on this [alot of work ]and i will never do it again lol.

    the pics
    Yeah right! I said the same thing when i did my coupe! Well guess what i'm starting on monday :D your build is looking good!peace

  11. thanks
  12. yeah it depends on what theme your after

    of course i am going to steal some ideas now :D
  14. i got the trim in place for the quarter windows .i am going with the pre 1987 quarter windows with the svo sail panels.the metal had to be cut and extra holes drilled out for the sail panel .this was tedious work because i didn't want to cut too much when i was cutting the notches in for the clips.

    here is what i am talking about









    here is the inside where the clips can be seen holding the trim in



    i have both windows done and i will be painting that are sem black and the svo sail panel body color .

    here is what i got done today i welded this bar across that i will put the brackets from the sn95 and be able to mount the 03 mustang rear seat.


    i plan on sanding and cleaning tomorrow and then more epoxy primer and hopefully i get one more nice day . i want to throw some paint on the engine bay and floorboards sometime this week if the weather cooperates. i would like to run all my wiring and start the wire hiding as well.
  15. here is where i am at right now i sprayed this yesterday


    and underneath the car


    here is a pic with the battery tray in case anyone was wondering why i didn't box them down all the way to the end.

    and the only bling you'll see on the outside of the car
    03 cobra original wheels

  16. God damn I love Termi wheels.
  17. the best looking wheel on any mustang
  18. here is where i am at right now i sprayed some high build primer and did some more block sanding


    and here is what i did last night mind you this is my first time painting and i used a harbor freight special gravity fed gun.the color i finally decided to go with is the 2009 cyber gray that you see on the corvette z06.i saw one on the road a week before i bought the paint and i was sold.


    overall i am pretty happy with the way it came out and looking forward to reassembly i also sprayed the door jams and interior and underneath the car.
  19. holy **** thats smooth, way to make my car look like ****
  20. thanks lol but i don't think your car looks like****