hsean's project "resto mod"

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  1. You really should relocate your battery to the rear since your bay is so nice...
  2. i really couldn't because this is a t-top car and i have a shaker 1000 kicker box going back there so no room.
  3. Man that thing is going to be SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. i will be picking your brain with all the maximum motorsports stuff going on your car.i have the steering shaft and i plan on cc plates and maybe a strut tower brace if i sell the ford racing one i have.i want my car to handle as well but i don't plan on any road racing strictly a nice driver.
  5. thanks man your avatar is my first car when i was 18 in 87 but mine was a hatch.i can start to get some progress now that i have some paint on it.
  6. looks damn good man! i'm very impressed. can't wait to see the finished product :nice:
  7. i can't wait to see the finished product as well still a long way to go but i think the fun part of the build begins.i am looking forward to the day where it sits on all four wheels again.thanks for the kind words :nice:
  8. I bought my first fox in 1988. It was an 88 white GT hatch with a red stripe and grey skirts. I was 22 then.
  9. coming along nicely.
  10. Nice!

    I can't wait to see this one done!
  11. Wow thats going to be sooooo clean.
  12. alright i can help with anything you need im on AIM every day
  13. lookin sooo sooo smooth and clean! what is this primer your talking about? peace

  14. thanks again
  15. Looking good. Keep them coming. :nice:
  16. Maybe mount it in the giant hole known as the spare tire carrier?:shrug:
  17. good idea but i want to keep my spare when i take the t-tops off it would definately be a problem as well.i like the look of a redtop battery in the engine bay and i might fabricate my own tray out of metal and paint it body color as well.
  18. Thats where I put mine, the top of the box is about an inch over the carpet line. But my car is a t-top car too so maybe I did something wrong? lol JK

    The car is coming along nicely man!!! keep up the good work!
  19. we all know that our engine bays look like **** with all those engineering holes i really am after a stock look or what stock should have been for our cars back in the day.if you've looked at the previous pages you would see there was a rollcage in this car and it had a cutout for a sumped tank.my plan is to make it a nice driver thats clean and fun to drive.
  20. i never measured so i assumed that it would be too high but if i were to do anything with the spare tire area it would be to put a full size rim and tire in there and make it flush with the edge of the tire.i would build a platform around it and then carpet it.i think that would be real cool.thanks man yours is way further ahead then mine and i have been eyeing it closely.one day we need to get together when our cars are complete at carlisle.i haven't been there yet.