hsean's project "resto mod"

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  1. Def man! I plan on getting to Carlisle next year if my car is done! Keep up the work man!!!
  2. I like your work! It's cool to see when someone takes the time and effort to do a professional job.

    About the battery location....just spewing....but i've read multiple times that putting the battery near the right rear is equivalent to a 60lb weight transfer to the rr wheel......I'm only mentioning that because of the comment about putting it in the spare tire well.......i know you said you'd put yours up front in the stock location....

    just my 2c
  3. yeah i have heard that and here i am throwing that shaker 1000 kicker box in that area and man that thing alone probably weighs more 30 lbs. lol.i am not taking this as a negative but a positive that people really like the engine bay and seeing all my effort it would have looked even better with the relocation. i agree it would look better to relocate the battery but it would take away from the look i am after as well.i know if i were to do a poll on this the majority would say relocate the battery.i welcome all comments both negative or positive to help me along with my build.:nice:
  4. you know your car will still look better than mine with all the extra work that is going into your car.major props to you on that dash swap alot of work now hurry up and finish yours to keep me going on mine.:D
  5. awesome thread, can't wait to see this thing assembled!
  6. thanks man but better yet awesome avatar screw this thread lol, i hope you decided to keep yours all one color i know you were talking on doing two tone.
  7. yeah that avatar gets a lot of attention! :D

    And yes, I decided to stay with my car as is. I took a few weeks off from the Mustang (I didn't drive it, read any mags, or come on here!!) Then when I started that baby up and pulled it out of the garage I fell in love all over again!! LOL I think I was mad at it, cause I wanted to do so many upgrades all at once!! It may sound weird, but I know you guys must know what I'm talking about!!! :rolleyes:

    So anyways, I had purchased a supercharger, and all the supporting parts.. but I ended up selling it and making 500 on the deal! So now I have tentative plans for a 393 or 408 NA fuel injected build for next year.. and I still need to complete my 5 lug cobra brake swap. Other than that I'm happy with where I'm at with the car.

    Keep your pics coming, your car is going to be sick!! :nice:
  8. amazing work all the edges worked nice and smooth im sure your project will come out as a 10/10 ill be watching keep up the excellent work :nice:
  9. Commin along Great!!! cant wait to see the finished product:nice:
  10. wow that sounds great some serious horsepower for sure i will be doing a cobra 5 lug conversion as well.i am still missing a few pieces
  11. wow thanks for the high praise but 10/10 i hope
  12. thanks i am going to start on the engine harness by rewrapping it and making it smaller .i will be putting it under the pinch weld and securing it the same way almost stock did his on his website.other plans for this week is to fix this wall heater that i just picked up on craigslist.it is a natural gas unit and should help stay focused over the winter time.
  13. i just snapped these pics because the sun was shining and you can see the metal flake in the paint.

  14. here you go 50foxbody
    i wirewheel sanded the pedal assembly and painted it black


    bought a new heater core from napa auto parts i guess the new ones now come in aluminum

    the heater box installed but the frame will have to come out as well as the body harness which was from an 87 although the dash harness is from a 92.i bought another harness plus frame and body harness from the pick and pull junkyard and will be installing it tomorrow

    i rewrapped this engine harness so that it is smaller in diameter and will fit under the pinchweld

    here is what i got done yesterday

    i cut a hole in the roof
    and how i routed the wiring on the inside


    and this is what will be in the dash

  15. and oh disregard the color of the t-tops they will be painted trim black as well as my other two sets
  16. REALLY NICE!!!!!
  17. thanks here is a better pic

  18. Liken' the Nav. unit in the factory location!
  19. yay that was just for me :D man this car is going to come out great i agree with he 10/10 part. the rewrapping the engine bay is genius and the nav and your wiring looks all like it came out the factory. cant wait to see it mounted :nice: