Humming/Moaning noise from front-end???

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  1. Hi, I'm experiencing a noise that i can also feel slightly in the floor of my 06GT. It sonunds kinda like a moan or a i said i can also feel it slightly on the floor. It's not a constant hum......its more like a hum hum hum, lol. Like a flat spot on a tire. Now, this happened after i smacked the car into a curb pretty hard. :bang: So, i put four new wheels on the car and had it aligned and now I have this noise thats driving me crazy. Any ideas??? Im ready to replace both front bearing assemblys from Ford at $145 per side, hoping this will fix it. Maybe my curb incident is just a coincedence and some others are experincing the same issue??? Also, the car has GMS rotors...not sure if that could be it too. Thanks
  2. Did you replace the tires as well?
  3. Yes, 4 new Eagle F1's
  4. Ouch, that stinks :( Since you have replaced all four Wheels and Tires and you're still getting the hum hum hum sound and feel, I presume it could very well be your rotor or rotors :( There are some VERY smart people here that I'm sure can help you diagnose this better than myself, I wish you the best of luck man :)

    Just out of curiosity, when you hit the curb, how did the car hit it?
  5. Well, I tend to drive aggressive (at the right place and times of course) and one day I decided to do a little drift around a corner. I got on the throttle a little too much too early in the turn so the left rear drifted out a little farther than I wanted, caught the curb, then caused the left front to hit the same curb. Then, in trying to correct it, i ended up hitting the oppisite curb with the right side. I know, very dumb and trust me I felt real stupid. But in my defense, the car has always been VERY skittish and hard to bring back from a slide with the 235's. IMO, these cars don't come with enough tire. 04's even came with 245's. But since I put on the 295's, it has been very easy to maintain control through a corner or a slide. Very controllable and easy to bring back if you dont like what's going on.
  6. Oh wow, It sounds like you banged her up pretty good :( I hope you can find the problem and get her fixed up. I know what you mean about the 235's I am going with a wider tire as soon as I wear these out, which probably wont be too long from now.

    Best of luck man.
  7. Where is noise coming from? Front or rear?? I hope you didn't bend a rear axle!! Did you run over the curb or just into it?
  8. Well im pretty sure its coming from the front. it sounds and feels that way but i have also been thinkning it could be an axle as well. If one of them is bent, it's not enough to see a wobble from either of the wheels but it's definately a possibility as the rear wheels took a hit as well. Although not as bad as the fronts. If replacing the front hubs doesn't fix it, my next thing will be the axles and axle bearings.
  9. Sounds like a bad wheel bearing. But another easy thing to check would be to check your tires to make sure you don't have some un-even wear on them. Un-even wear can make a ton of noise, worse at slow speeds and then kinda goes away when you get above 30 mph. As mentioned before, I hope it's not a rear axle!:notnice:
  10. Yeah, hopefully u didn't bend a rear axle... I would try putting it up on jackstands in the rear, chock the front wheels and let the rear wheels turn in 1st them both VERY CAREFULLY and look for wobble..if they's time to change the axle... I let my frind drive my Blown 86 GT and it came back with that took me a week to see the scuff on the right rear tire, then jacked it up and seen the right rear wheel wobling...i switched out the rear wheels...still doing it..needless to say, i now have moser wasnt an upgrade i needed untill he banged a curb sideways holding on for dear life @ full boost in 2nd..haha... like everyone else said, it could also be a wheel bearign that but banged in and damaged internally... hopefully you find the answer soon!! Good luck!!

    P.S.... Does the noise change when you are driving and make either a right or left turn?!