"Humphugger" cruiser console opinions

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  1. My '70 fastback doesn't have a factory console but I want one. The car is not stock so having a factory unit is not important to me and they're expensive as ***t! So, I'm thinking about the humphugger console that is full length and sits on the hump. Does anybody have one of these or had one? What do you think? Does it stay put? Does it get in the way of shifting? Does it look good? Appreciate the input.
  2. I've used the one that slides into the ashtray on the 65. On my 72 has the original console. I've heard tons of good things about the full hump hugger consoles though and I plan to get one when I finish up my 65.
  3. Thanks Brian, they seem great for what I'm looking for but a testimonial is always a lock for me to get something. Love to hear from someone who has one and see a pic, especially a '69-70 w/ black interior.
  4. I have the mini one in my Maverick and I love it. I have the plug n chug that clips into the seat belt slots of my factory 69 console and I love it. Quality stuff.
  5. Thanks for the info Max. Sounds like a good bet for me. The biggest thing for me was the quality, I didn't want K-mart quality.
  6. Personally, I don't like the looks of them and the few that I've seen in person (don't know what brand they were) appeared to be very flimsy and cheaply made.

  7. I have the full length one(I think it's the hump hugger cruiser) in my 70 Coupe. I absolutely love it. It's not even bolted down and it stays put. I have an automatic so no shifting problems for me. I wish it was a little longer towards the front, but other than that, it's perfect for me.
  8. I haven't seen one in person, but from pictures and what I've read about them they look pretty comfortable and useful. But I think they look pretty cheap and out of place and would personally never put one in my car.
  9. Love to see a pic Cupid. I also have a '70, although it's a 4 spd, so that would help tremendously!

    A buddy of mine agrees with you, Stangkid. He has a '69 Mach w/ factory console. I'd love to put a factory console in but a: too expensive to get either new or used and b: I would like one w/ cupholders. So we'll see.
  10. Sorry it took so long.

    Here it is. I think it actually looks better in person. The flash from the camera makes the colors look like they don't match up, but they do. Anyway, it does have a little gap by the automatic shifter, but that might just be because it's not bolted down properly.


  11. Thanks Cupid, I'm glad you posted those pics because everyone was starting to talk me out of getting one saying they look cheap but yours looks great. I'm definitely going to get one. My interior is black and I have a 4 spd so I guess I'll need to get the boot with it. Who'd you get yours through? I know most of the mustang suppliers carry them and I think that CJs might be the cheapest but I'm not sure. Thanks again, that looks great!:nice:
  12. I have the smaller one in my '66. Definately not made cheap. I could put all my weight leaning on the thing, and no problems, not even with the lid.:nice:
  13. I think I got mine from Year 1. They were one of the only suppliers that carried the Hedgewood blue I was looking for. Mustangs Plus has one for 159. I paid 179 for mine. I think they may even have a coupon out there for another $10 off or something. Plus, i've never had a problem with M+. Call and ask for Josh. Good guy!