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  1. Sorry, I meant all but the windshield, ha ha. I am not even going to do a tint strip, that is one thing that the police here look for... Windows roll down fast enough to hide 5%...

    I do want to keep stock drivetrain wise. I really want to get 03 satin cobras for her, and a set of springs. I am waiting to hear from my paint guy telling me I can come pick her up, then I am going to cruise to SLC to buy a MGW. It sprinkled snow last night, but I ain't scurred to get wet. Plus they didn't. Salt the roads because it was very light. So now it's just rain.

    I did order silver vinyl bumper inserts from UPR, they will be here next Wednesday apparently.

    I will most likely keep this updated, it's something to do with my extra time.
  2. Picked her up from paint today! Turned out great! Then I proceeded to drive to salt lake to buy a MGW short throw. And yes I am not using the pistol grip.

    Now I am getting a little grinding from the rear passenger side, wheel bearing is dried up... I already ordered new ones.


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  3. Now you just gotta wait a while before you can wax the areas that were painted. After that though get a polisher on that black paint and get your sunglasses on with the shine you will have emitting from the car.
  4. So, as bhuff30 said in my previous thread about it not being driven that bearings and seals get dried up, well he is correct, I have a bad passenger side wheel bearing. I ordered the ford racing one on Thursday from AM... It will be done next Saturday when I get time. I am thinking of
    Putting 03 cobras on it, I really want to find ones with satin/machined finish, but I may end up with chrome, who knows?... AM doesn't sell the satin, but late model does, but I seems as if they are always out of stock.
  5. Do subframes at the very least.
  6. If you like window tint, consider doing 50% on the entire windshield, too. People gasp when I say that, but it's actually very nice. 50% is really not even noticeable unless you know it's there, but it drastically cuts down on the heat inside the car and the glare from oncoming headlights.
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  7. yesterday I have her a nice bath..
    Just changed the plugs for autolite 764's gapped @ .054and filter... Had the stock motorcraft platinums from 97, and fuel filter... Car runs a lot smoother now. I swear that the damn strut tower brace always gets in the way!

    EDIT: Oh ya, one of my twin 4 year old nephews ran into the driver side quarter with his electric 4wheeler, oh boy I was so damn pissed! Just a little scratch... It should wax out no problem....

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  8. LOL... Soon as I saw that pic I was thinking, "Who in the hell....".

    Front end looks great man. :nice:
  9. UPDATE: I replaced wheel bearings last night... Still have the same sound, curious as if it may be a pinion bearing?... It honestly sounds like a out of balance tire/wheel bearing... It doesn't go away when I push on the brakes either.

    So I may as well man up and get some gears, probably in two weeks, gonna get rid of my fox maybe and buy another daily driver. I want 410's.

    On other hands, I did put on cobra letter inserts. Took me about two hours including cleaning, all that. They were a little hard to get off the paper and I creased two of them. But the creases came right out after being in the sun!

    Big SHOUTOUT to UPR PRODUCTS. Excellent customer service after having shipping issues.

    Also, put the MGW in, with the stock shift knob.

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  10. Well, today I decided to take a Easter drive for a friend to take some pictures, one mainly of the inserts I received from UPR.

    I really stretched the cobras legs today through the canyon... We ended up going from Logan, Utah, (the valley I reside) to bear lake. From the mouth of the canyon (first dam) to the bear lake lookout is 30 miles. It is a pretty windy road, has some long straight aways and steep hills.

    I ended up making this drive in 26 minutes on the way back (bear lake-logan, friend started the timer on his phone). Not sure on my average speed, but most of the speed limits are either 45, or 50 mph.

    I know, I know, someone will chime in, and say that's absolutely stupid. I have made this drive NUMEROUS TIMES. For the average person it take about 50 minutes or so.

    I topped out at 135 on the flats. Most of the drive was third gear.

    I guarantee this is the hardest this car has EVER been driven.

    The crazy part is, getting back into the valley, I seen a UHP, and logan city police sitting at the mouth, I thought for sure it was a road block. I instantly slammed on the brakes. But it couldn't have been (there is absolutely no service in the canyon). There was a van smashed into a cliff.

    This was the most intense driving I've ever done, I was cautious, and made sure that I didn't get over confident.

    All in all, it was AWESOME!! This stock cobra handles AMAZING.

    Now I want suspension mods, and no longer 410's, I want 373's.

    Here is a photo that I went on the drive for.


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  11. Check out maximum motorsports for suspension mods.
  12. I think I may pull the bbk upper and lowers off my fox.
  13. Well, today I put on 1" wheel spacers, much better, also replaced both of the o2 sensors, much better throttle response!
  14. I got the parts just gotta do the work.. Sounds like your making great headway to getting her in tip top shape.
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  15. Of course, I am not playing around lol.

    On other hands, I pulled 22 Mpgs through the canyon and back with a few pulls last night.

    Also I am selling the engine and Trans next week out of the fox.
  16. Well I actually cleaned her well with a hand wash for the first time with a buddy after I got off graveyards today. Full wax will be going on tomorrow morning.
  17. Dyno numbers are in, 269 RWHP, 274 RWTQ.

    Car was a little choppy cause it needs new wires the tuner said.

  18. Well I got a photo from a friend that shows the paint off.

    Sorry I'm a picture whore.


    Yes that's my italian self in the white!


  19. very nice find.