Progress Thread Hunt complete... 97 Cobra

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  1. Well, just for :poo:s n' gigs, I stopped by the DMV last Monday......

    Picture says it all.


    They should be here in 3-5 weeks....
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  2. So I got the 410's in last night, they have a little whine on decel, I'm guessing the preload is off?

    They're going to get re shimmed tomorrow while I'm at work. Hoping to have them done so I can take the SLOWBRA to the track Friday.

    I was surprised on how clean it is underneath.

    On other hands, did a detail and it turned out nice.
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  3. Here it is fellas!
    Finally achieved "the look". 15% tint
    D150B7C6_zps80c78abf.jpg B4BDDE77_zpsf03eafca.jpg CE14AD8C_zpscb0dd19f.jpg
  4. wheels look pefect on there
  5. Nice car...sits high. :p
  6. Just a sneak peak of some photos a buddy took.

    We got permission to go into a private ski resort.

  7. Exhaust clip

    Stock catback with MAC offroad H.

    97 Cobra Exhauat - YouTube

    Oh yeah, and I got a designer to whip this up for me (horny old man).

  8. At the car show after a 3 stage polish
    On other hands I got a H pipe, and a tune. Talk about wicked, can't catch traction in 1st or 2nd with 275 g forces.
  9. Haven't been updating this at all, I am on SVTP now...

    Here is a picture from the track.... I had a full buff and polish done

  10. What's wrong with your finger? Does it hurt?
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  11. She's came a long ways :)

    Dyno tune on Friday.

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  12. **** svtp post here instead
  13. Finally got around to picking her up, made 352/373 on a 100 shot