Drivetrain Hurst/b&m/ford Racing Shifter For Early V6s!


Founding Member
Nov 5, 2002
Burbank, CA
It has been quite a challenge in finding a classic, complete, short-throw Hurst shifter for the V6. Steeda makes this billet stick thing, but it's not a complete shifter replacement. I wanted that snicky-snick the Hurst had. Plus it looks all kinds of badass.

Then I find out Hurst goes under and is acquired by B&M and then B&M stops selling the V6 shifter! But then I find out Ford Racing apparently bought the design or licenced it and now sells them again for the GT and more importantly the V6! It's identical to the original Hurst with exception to the cue-ball shifter top. It says Ford Racing on it.

Just passing the info along. Jeggs and Summit have them. They take about 9-days to get though. $300 to $330 (about twice what it use to be, grrr)
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