Hurst Shifter

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  1. To those who run a hurst shifter with their toploader, what model is used. thanks
  2. The Competition Plus™ is the bolt-in model. Ford even used a version of the CP at the factory in 70-73.

    The Super Shifter™ will require a massive hole in the floor. Consider that for racing-only vehicles.
  3. When I installed the Supper Shifter 3 on my car, I only made the opening a little bigger. The shifter boot covered it just fine.
  4. The Competition Plus™ is the bolt-in model.

    Is there a model number, or is there just the one for 65-?? mustangs and similar models?
  5. Considering the SS has straight rods (excellent for racing) the entire shifter is offset nearly 4" to the left. I don't think I'd call nearly doubling the size of the hole "a little".
  6. All 65-73 Mustangs use the same Competition Plus model.
  7. yeah +1 for the competition plus. that is what i used in my 65 fastback.
    it never jamed or missed a gear . i used the 70 mustang hurst shift boot and plate and did not have to modify the opening. 1965 shelby replica 10.JPG