hurst short throw problems

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  1. Anyone have problems shifting these? i love the short throw, but it is just too stiff, when im power shifting i am constantly missing gears, this hasn't really happened with the regularity it is with this shifter, anyone have the same experience? anyone have a suggestion for a better one that is short throw and easier to shift?

    TIA jason
  2. I haven't heard of missed shifts with the Hurst. Are you sure you don't have it installed backwards? If you followed the Hurst directions, you may have installed it backwards. It's a bit stiff, but after a few weeks it loosens up a bit. What you're describing does not sound right. Even before my torque limiters, I don't miss shifts at 6500 RPMs... So you shouldn't be missing.
  3. yeah, i noticed the instructions said to install it backwards, but i installed it the correct way, its just (sometimes) VERY stiff. it may just need to loosten up. . its been about 3 weeks now. FYI the stock shifter was very smooth.
  4. did you lube up the bushings? double check all the nuts and bolts to be sure they are tight.
  5. I have a similar problem... But I don't ever miss any powershifts with it. It's just when the car is cold, it's extremely hard to get into second gear. But the short throws and never missing a powershift... along with the looks... makes it well worth it.
  6. Did you reuse the stock bushings or use the new ones. I opted for the stock bushings and mine shifts just fine. Like PoopDawg, mine also is a little stuborn getting into 2nd when the car is cold. I think its just the s197's transmission linkage because I also noticed the problem when I drove mine off the lot.
  7. You asked, so here you go. If you get sick of it, get yourself an MGW shifter.

    I don't want to start another ''which is better'' war, but there's no all.

    It's hands down the best shifter out there and the throw length is fully adjustable. Do a search on the forums, you'll see. This thing is the bomb. I ditched a $280 Triax for this and never looked back.
  8. I had a problem with going from 3rd to 4th on really aggressive shifts. It ended up being a problem with the remote shifter design of these cars and a lot of torque. The shifter is mounted to the body of the car and not the tranny itself (as you noticed when you installed it). What was happening was as the engine would torque under a lot of power it would actually twist. This in turn would cause the tranny to twist with it, but NOT the shifter. This created a problem with the linkage from the shifter to the tranny not having a straight line and being unable to hit 4th gear.

    So what as the solution? New motor mounts! :) I installed a set of Prothane motor mounts and it instantly fixed the problem. Now the entire car torques instead of the engine/tranny. It also means there is technically more power being planted to the ground and not getting lost in soft bushings.
  9. Will this not work?
  10. i kick ass im still using the stock shifter!

    mgw looks nice but jesus its expensive, its a f'n shifter i dont see how companies charge this much for things like this, so annoying. :nonono:
  11. The MGW may be "the best" shifter...

    But I think the Hurst looks incredible...if you're into the whole "retro" styling thing. Which I am. Which is why I bought this car.

    I still have the stock shifter, which shifts very smoothly in my opinion.

    I sat in a Shelby GT at the 2007 NAIAS when that car just came out, and thought the shifter was amazingly STIFF and the throws were short. Did I mention the shifter was crazy stiff? I thought it sucked, honestly....

    But then I got to thinking....this car was never driven, so it hasn't been broken in at all. My stock shifter was rather notchy at first, but now, it's sweetness. So...I figured the Hurst would do the same.

    I am voting for the Hurst, I just can't decide if I want to fiddle with the installation, or have my local speed shop do it.

    For the record, I don't powershift (No guts) and basically never go to the strip except on occasion (which is to say, 1x so far in the 10 months I've had the car).
  12. Motor mounts are not the solution once the power levels go up. I had the Triax and installed Prothane mounts at 490 rwhp. Still had problems. I was afraid to speed shift it was so bad. Once the power is over 400 rwhp or so the MGW fixes the problem and if you don't want that then go with what S1roush linked....a k-member brace with torque limiters. That will allow the use of a Hurst shifter if you insist on the ''Hurst look''.
  13. Guys. I'm really caught in the middle, between the Hurst "comp" shifter, and the MGW.

    Although MGW is the better overall designed shifter. I'm running N/A with just simple bolt-ons, and have no intentions of upgrading to forced induction.

    I'm also not very knowledgeable, when it comes to adjusting the amount of short throw stops/turns.

    I suppose this is one of the reasons, why I prefer the Hurst over the MGW. because of it's simplicity, without all the angle/short throw adjustments required.

    Plus I also really like the retro theme/design as well.

    Even though I enjoy spirited driving, and like opening my Stang up once in awhile. I do not race my car at all, however I wouldn't mind taking it to the track, just to see how well it performs.

    So my question is. Would the Hurst "comp" shifter, provide enough stability to prevent missed shifts. Or does the MGW, provide more thorough, and precise stability.

    Anyway, thanks for all your feedback and support in advance.

    Rocky :)
  14. I totally agree about the price. I had an MGW in my Mach and loved it but they have gotten too greedy for me. I hope they enjoy their shifters because they won't be getting my money. If we stop buying over priced products they will lower the price, if we keep buying why shouldn't they get all the $ they can. Not taking anything away from MGW, I just refuse to pay too much for a shifter.:nono:
  15. anyone need a hurst shifter?

    i think i will be sellng my hurst shifter and getting the mgw. so if anyone wants it, send me a message.
  16. shifters

    What's the most you'll pay for that shifter????
    I pd 162.00 from RPM and it was delivered quick. I put a T handle on it and have been satisfied and haven't missed any power shifts. Maybe people just can't shift? Go automatic with a shift kit and converter instead. Don't fear the stick--yank on that thing!
  17. hehe, some people just cant shift. . thats funny. on a serious note, for power shifts you need smooth. the hurst looks great (why i bought it) but after 450+ rwhp it just isnt smooth enough.
  18. Heck yeah, rip that shifter up through the hood and back through the trunk when you shift. Hurst understands one thing, "brute force". Thats why they call these muscle cars, it builds muscle shifting them hee hee. A shifter knows if your afraid of it, so the first thing is to beetch slap it a few times and let it know it's time to rock. I'm being funny here, but seriously, don't baby it, they don't break very easy, there built to take alot of abuse. Back in the day I've shifted a hurst so hard that the knob came off as I striped the threads. "Well", it wasn't a knob, it was a T-handle, you could get more leverage on those. If you do manage to break the fricken thing, take it back and tell them to give you one that won't break, they have a warrenty. The worst ones for breaking were those cheap Mr. Gasket shifters, they were half the price of a hurst but worked in a pinch untill I trashed it. The shifter is like a bullet in a gun and your arm fires it. Fire that baby with force and hit your target.
  19. i think a reasonable price to pay is 150-170 brand new complete kit w/ ball and all.

    I'd like to change my shifter some day but their is a couple other things i think i want to buy first example: off-road hpipe, gears, maybe lower control arms... i dunno, i was gonna go w/ hurst but everyone has mixed reviews, some say good some say no good.. i dont know.. but mgw is too much unless they sell them else where cheap and they should throw in a nice ball for it... bleh!

    ok i think im gonna go place my order for an off-road hpipe now.