hurst short throw problems

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  1. My hurst handle came loose last night... I've seen others with this problem.. so I just put some lock tite on it... And I'll never sell my Hurst for anything... No matter how good anything else is. :)
  2. I hear you bro, I've used hurst for years and I'm not about to change now. I have never had anything but good servive from hurst and a few war stories ha ha. I expect nothing different with the one in my 07 GT. I've allready beat it, streched it, pounded it, ripped it and stomped it untill it cried uncle and it keeps comming back for more. I'm pround to wear the hurst equiped emblem on my truck lid and it's by far the best looking shifter on the market. You can get the shifter lever in different lengths from hurst with different finishes, you can get white knobs, black knobs, chrome, T-handles, pistol grip, hurst has it all.
  3. I think some people are just scared to really rip it. The Hurst shifts very quickly and precisely. You just can't be scared of it.
  4. So there isn't a single person in this forum, who has the ability to answer my question that I submitted in post # 14.

    Or is it asking too damn much, to just take 5 min. to provide some feedback, and support towards a fellow member, who's in need of assistance. :mad:
  5. Sorry, I thought my statements would have answered this. Yes, the Hurst is more than fine for spirited driving and racing as well. I've seen plenty of FI Mustangs running Hurst and running 10's and 11's. The MGW is smoother, but they are both very precise. If you don't care about the adjustability, and want the retro look and feel, go with the Hurst. If you want a euro feel, then go with MGW. But both reduce the throw greatly and help you be precise. Again, I'll say that CHE torque limiters are a relatively cheap and easy to install way to keep from missing shifts.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions Steve. For I'm extremely grateful :nice:
  7. who are you?

  8. Who am I. Casper the friendly ghost :rlaugh:
  9. I'm Rocky's ghost :D
  10. Mr Gasket and Hurst are the same company now. I'm from ''back in the day'' too and I know one thing.....I'd like to see you try to shift my car with a POS Hurst on it at almost 500 rwhp. You can rip it back as hard as you want or sometimes go for 3rd gear and end up in first gear. That will knock that aggressive look right off your face. MGW BABY!!

    I see one guy here says MGW is greedy for charging what they do for this shifter.....haha, it's a bargain considering what Hurst gives you for that stamped steel junk they pass off for a shifter. Some of you guys need to wake up!

    Sorry for the rant, but it's the truth.
  11. i put a roush short throw on mine, and added the retro arm, looks similar to the hurst shifter, except not shinny. i painted the arm flat blask and painted the roush letters the same color as my car. same with the UPR know i went with flat black with highlights in the car color.

    the roush is stiff at first but loosens up after use. took mine about two months to loosen up.
  12. swapped it back

    yeah, i couldn't work with the Hurst, it was ok before i got all that torque (was stiff but usable) but now it just isn't fast enough. the second to third was taking an extra 1/4 to 1/2 second to engage. just too much time. FYI i bench between 465-500lbs (depending if i ate my wheeties that day) so "muscle it" is not a problem. its just a ****ty shifter. ah well, there goes 300 beans on the MGW.
  13. I’ve been holding off on posting , as I had not yet installed my Hurst. Just got the car back from the body shop at 3:00.. Had it at the shop by 4 and up on the jack by 4:15 … Shifter is in… and works GREAT.

    My car like most mustangs out there,, is still mostly stock power wise. The Shifter works perfect for what I want and need, PLUS looks right in this car… IMHO it is THE BEST ,no matter price… .. I can afford what I want for the toy.. I CHOOSE the HURST because it is best for my car.

    Others who found added power caused issues with the shifter,, found a shifter that worked for them.

    Best is always subjective..
  14. I was almost ready to pull the trigger on the Hurst. Until I spoke with Hurst's tech support dept. And then with George from MGW.

    Needless to say, after comparing my phone conversations. The Hurst tech rep didn't seem very interested in answering my questions, nor was able to provide technical details about their product, other than it's design is similar to the stock unit, with the exception of being a short throw shifter.

    However on the other hand, George from MGW was very informative, polite, and answered each of my technical questions, in a very professional, and precise manner. In fact. I could even tell how passionate he was about his product, when describing which materials each component is designed from, and how each part must be inspected/tested, before being shipped to the customer.

    By the time it was all said and done. He must have spent like over 45 min. on the phone with me. And after asking him, if he recommended going with the adjustable stop kit. His response, was don't even waste my money, as it's really not necessary. Thanks to the internal stops built into the transmission. Now that's what I call trustworthiness and excellent customer support.

    That being said. I don't mind paying an additional $100.00, when it concerns a superior quality product, along with great customer service to back it up.

    As far as I'm concerned. The MGW is definitely worth every penny, and then some :nice:
  15. MGW ordered,

    wish i woulda read your post 15 minutes sooner, i ordered the adjustable stops. . maybe i will call them tomorrow and remove that item. but lets hope.
  16. For my particular application. he said that I really don't need it. But if your into real power shifting. The stops are an added bonus, besides it's just an additional $15.00 anyhow. :nice:
  17. true

    whats 15 bucks to make sure i dont slam the tranny. . besides, the guy that buys this from me may shift harder than me
  18. The tranny does have internal stops, but they are only so strong. If you do any speed shifting or have a tendency to bang gears hard it doesn't hurt to get the stops. When I'm on the gas hard and go to shift I have a tendency to shift with a lot of aggression so I consider the stops cheap insurance.
  19. I personally don't care if MGW come gold plated and they install thierselves. I used hurst back then and I use hurst now. I've had the hurst in my car for about 6 months now and it's still fricken awesome, nice clean crisp shifts that I have experienced for years. I have no problems with my hurst and it is still the best looking shifter out. My buddy has the MGW and it doesn't excite me any. For those with the MGW, it's all good, but hurst has been good to me and I see no reason to change now, since hurst is still being good to me. Hurst does just what I exspect to, short crisp shifts, feels soild in my hand and looks great, I love that notchy feel, others may not, but thats what I'm use to. I talked to a hurst rep a couple of weeks ago at summit in Akron and he said thier developing another shifter as well for the S197 that will be top of the line but a bit more pricey. It will be designed more for high hp application.