SOLD Hurst Short Throw Shifter+more

Discussion in 'Drivetrain Parts' started by RJS, Jul 4, 2012.

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  1. Hurst shifter w/handle/round ball and t-handle.FITS 3650 type transmission
    Had it in my 04 GT Stang for 6 months before selling the car, mint condition.

    04 GT 3650 type Transmission
    Price is $75 for all you see plus shipping from NJ.
    Thanks Ron

    [email protected]

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  2. Where at in jersey are you located im right outside philly an Im interested in buyin it
  3. I'm in S.Jersey at exit 67 GSP or near route 72 and 70. Can also ship the item for $10.
    I haven't checked the site in a while due to not having a Mustang anymore.
    Thanks Ron
  4. OK I've posted pictures and price, given my location and Emailed the two guys that asked me to.
  5. These parts are in perfect condition, can't believe no one can use them???
  6. Price reduced to $75 plus $10 to ship
  7. do you still have this shifter
  8. Yes shifter is still forsale.
  9. Emailed you twice, still no response on your end??????
  10. im sorry for not responding earlier, i was in the hospital. i just got home a few days ago. i will take it. how do we do this?
  11. Sorry to hear that, I was in the hospital Tuesday myself. Will email you for payment.
  12. thanks

  13. I sent you my Pay Pal information but then haven't heard from you again??
  14. sent payment. paypal says you recieved it.:SN:
  15. Yes I received your payment, that's why post is marked SOLD. Thank you for payment.
    BUT in the future please read what a person sends you for payment instructions.
    You sent payment to MY email address not the one I sent you as my PayPal account.
    I had to now link MY email address to the paypal to receive the payment.

  16. i hate to bug you but do you have my address
  17. Hey guys... please handle the transaction itself in private message or email. It helps to keep folks out of your business that don't belong there.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.