Hurst T Shifter Knob

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by pvteye, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. Ok.. I am Old School, but I want a Polished Hurst T Shifter Knob.

    Have found them, but not specifically for the T-56. Anyone know what the thread dimensions are on the 04 Cobra T-56?


  2. 12MM x 1.75 thread pitch
  3. Thanks, U. M.,

    Now that complicates things, the one for metric only has adapters up to
    12mm x 1.50, oh well......
  4. Hey pvteye! How do you like your Mystichrome Cobra? I've been looking at a couple here and I just DROOL looking at that car! I'm thinking of ditching my 01 for one.
  5. I absolutely love the MystiChrome Vert... awesome car... you will not regret it.
  6. thanks, have seen the MGW, nice, but not the same....Team Shinoda says they have one, but the part number they give me is universal metric kit and other places say it goes up to the 12mm 1.5 pitch, does not include the 1.75 pitch.
    I will eventually order the MGW shifter handle, but not crazy about their T handle.
  7. Just another note on the MGW, it does not get as hot during the summer as the all metal handles. Nothing worse than shifting in July with something well over 100 degrees.
  8. Do you mean like this, but polished? I got this one from Summit Racing.

    For the brushed with no button = hur153-4900
    For the Brushed with roll control button = hur153-4910

    Yes they make them in 12mm x 1.75

    I think they make a polished version, but I can't seem to find it. You could buy the brushed and have it polished.
  9. I contacted Hurst they do not make one that is 12 x 1.75 but we are going to drill and tap one the correct thead to meet your needs If any one else is looking for 1 let us know Thanks

    Jim Klok
    Team Shinoda
  10. You are correct they have brushed all day long but have never made a polished version but we are going to make one for the customers who would like one if they are interested. they will be up on the web site by Monday I have one done now just testing it out to ensure it will survive on the car
  11. kewl Jim,
    Must be the one I have on order... Thanks... can't wait until it gets here...

  12. Just for any one elses knowlage if you want the Hurst T Handel in Chrome for you Late model Mustang meaning with the Thread pattern 12 x 1.75 then goto and do a search on part number ts-1088 and we will have it for you.

    James Klok
  13. hey rex we will be shipping your new t handel tomorrow let me know what you think It fits awsome
  14. Thanks Jim, look forward to it... I am sure it will be a quality piece....
    Great Customer service.... If we don't have it, will make it....