HVAC lights not longer coming on after LED upgrade

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  1. Title says it all, I have converted to hyper white LED's.

    The dash was no problem.

    HVAC lights are just out. I double checked the plugs that go into the back of the plate, still nothing.

    Is there a fuse that may have popped?
  2. Check fuse 13 under the dash.


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  3. the controls work, the dash is fine.

    Just the two bulbs behind the HVAC plate are not comming on.

    17, 13, or 6 all have something to do with that area, I will check them all.

    Worst case I'll tear it appart and try the old bulbs, one of them was still working.

    Thank you for the diagram!
  4. Weird. I have the cool white bulbs in my instrument cluster and HVAC and have had no issues. They don't dim like the old bulbs, but I always had the bulbs at max brightness anyway. Did you check that the sockets were twisted in all the way? Perhaps the contacts in the plug are dirty or bent.
  5. Problem solved.

    The bulbs were too fat to get in the hole fully.

    I removed the black cover peice, widend the holes so the bulbs could go deaper.

    I also have a peice of white plastic break that acts as the hold down when you turn the bulb into the right. A little super glue fixed that.

    In short the bulbs were not making contact with the power part of the board.

    Just have to get my Auto Shifter to glow blue and I'll be all set.
  6. Just a note, for future reference to anyone who comes across the thread.

    This problem happens pretty often, it's usually just needing some fiddling and playing with to fix (I had the same issue).
    My buddy had the same issue with his crown vic h-vac, which looks to be the same control and size bulb.

    And as far as the auto shifter, there is a guide, I think it was on sn95 forum. But it's pretty straight forward
    1.take out center console and boot
    2. take out the few screws around the shifter (star screws)
    3. pull up the shifter
    4.Twist out the old bulb
  7. Yeah If should be a piece of cake, I'm not sure what bulb to order for it because I've changed the shifter to a 99+ model with the OD button on the side.

    I have to take it apart and pick white or blue.