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  1. ****SOLD****

    I'm selling a hydraulic clutch setup that I put together for my 68 Mustang with a T5. This includes the following:

    3/4" CNC Master cylinder, complete with heim joint to attach to the pedal.
    Two 7/8" CNC Slave cylinders.
    36" fluid line to go between the two
    Brackets made by Daze to mount the Slave and Master Cylinders
    Custom slave pushrod and a CNC slave pushrod.
    Remote reservoir.

    This is pretty compete. All components are new, except the slave cylinders which are rebuilt with new seal and have no visible wear in the bores.

    I'm selling this because I have decided to go with a cable setup. Originally I was using MAC long tube headers and knew that they would not work with a cable setup. When I got everything together, I found that they would not work with a late model T5 bellhousing period, as the clutch fork hit one of the tubes. I ended up changing to hedman headers that will work with both the cable and hydraulic systems. While I had this on my car, I could not get enough travel out the slave to work the clutch. These are all the same components that others have used with success, but I'm giving up and going with a cable setup which I know will work. Also, on a 67-68, this setup required me to mount it about 4 inches from the clutch pedal pivot. I called CNC to help trouble shoot and they said that I should not go over a 2" from the pivot, or the pedal travel would be limited and pedal pressure would be heavy. I was unable to mount any closer without binding the pushord. This may not be the case on other model years.

    I'd like to get $120 plus shipping for the entire setup. I will accept paypal and be happy to answer any questions about it.

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  2. I bought the set up. The parts arrived quickly, well packed and as described, a very positive experience!
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