hydro dipping?

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  1. Hey all

    Was wondering if anyone has ever got any of their mustang parts hydro dipped? Im getting my main center console and frame to a guy to get hydro dipped as well as my systemax intake was wondering if anyone has ever gotten this done?
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    This is the design im going with but it will be the same color asy car i think its gonna look awesome when its put in place.

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  3. That looks bad##s. never heard of hydro dripping. What is it?
  4. That 3d water image stuff
  5. 3d water image? Never heard of it called that its where you lay a film on water and it ends up liquifying and you put the piece into the ink pattern
  6. Go on Facebook and look up venom hydrographics this guy is like a god when it comes to hydrographics on the mid atlantic coast
  7. I see it a lot around here in Detroit. It gets old quickly when you start to see the same designs on different cars. A ton of the S197 guys are doing their interiors in this, to the point of them looking the same all over again. To me, that's boring.

    But the carbon fiber designs they have out there is pretty nice, because it's more subtle and low-key than skulls, fire, etc. Plus it comes in different color tints so you can run a color scheme pretty nicely.
  8. My only thing about carbon fiber is when it goes on the way it does and tries to make bends it stretches bad
  9. It's pretty cool stuff.

    S197 intake from a thread on Corral:

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  10. Yeah hopefully my parts come out good its gonna be a flat finish