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  1. Hello,

    I'm not able to click the edit/insert link button (it's not highlighted). Is there an easy way to post links with a title instead of just having to paste an entire URL? I'm sure I'm missing something really simple....... :)

    Thanks folks.
  2. Well I would just paste the URL into the thread, and then when you hit submit it will convert it to a link, thats what I usually do. If you want a 'Click Here' then you have to highlight the text then click the Add link button.
  3. Thank you sir. :nice:

    I guess I'm too dumb. When I try to do as described, after hitting the add/edit link button, it allows me to paste (re-paste? I already have the link pasted into the reply dialog box) the URL into the little pop-up's box, but I don't see how or where I'm supposed to put the text (like how you have the "shoot me a PM" text in the link in your sig').

    It used to be one smooth motion to add a link with a descriptive text (VBulletin) and I figured there was at least as easy of a way to do it with the Xenforo format, but I'm not getting it. No biggie - I just wanted to be able to post cleaner links (and links within sentences, so prose are not so choppy).

    Thank you again for the response. :)

    Here is what you can do.

    Write out your text, then highlight the text with your cursor, you can then click on the link icon and paste in the URL and it will become a text link. This what you are trying to do?
  5. Thank you sir! :hail:

    I was doing it all backwards/wrong. :bang:

    IIRC, the old way required pasting the URL into the pop-up box, hitting enter and then writing out the text. I was trying to do things in that same order.

    Thank you again. :nice: