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  1. Alright guys, shed some light for me. I want a handheld tuner for my wife's auto 2KGT and I want it to work also on my 99. I want for

    the 2K: adjust trans line pressure, correct speedo, add performance tune, etc

    the99: correct speedo, turn off rear O2s, add performance tune, etc

    Which unit on the market best suits my needs and which have you guys had good success with?

    thanks in advance
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  3. auto guys, speak up, help out your fellow stangers
  4. The SCT rules, but it won't work on two different cars without an upgrade. Go to www.modulardepot.com. SCT has the best support hands down and they really make power. Talk to KenB and the guys over at MD. SCT - They Guys That Know!!!
  5. either way you have to buy 2 programmers , out of all the HAND HELD units I would say get the diablo IMO

  6. that is superchips, right?
  7. yes SCT=Superchips Custom Tuning
  8. the superchips programmer VIN locks to one vehicle. Hypertech can be used on more than one vehicle but not at the same time. You must return it to stock before programming another.

  9. if I fix the speedo and then set it back to stock will it make my speedo off again?
  10. Yes your speedo will be off if you set it back to stock. I just got the diablo and I love it.
  11. What are the HP & TQ gains on the 4.6 2v with the handheld tuners if any? Is changing the tranny setting on the 4r70w detremental in any way to it? (simply changing line pressure sounds like it might be bad for it)
  12. I have the Diablo and it definitely adds some HP and TQ...haven't dynoed yet but I notice the difference, especially at WOT. It does everything that the SCT unit does and has a little bit more adjustment capability I believe.

    As for using it on both cars you are SOL...none of the hand-held tuners will work on two cars because they store your factory tune so that you can replace it before you take it in to the shop. What you could do is to get a program that lets you do it from a laptop (if you have one) and then you could do it on every Mustang on the block.
  13. I would contact ken over at modular depot and see what he says about the sct package. it would be more money but if you could get a package deal on the second chip maybe. I know that the sct package is 795 but I do not know how much a second chip is.

    you would have to buy two of any of the handheld tuners. They are only so so in my book. once you do anything that truely needs a tune they are worthless.
  14. That's not entirely true. You can have any program imported into them that you would have burned onto a chip...and usually at less cost. It's just that their out-of-the-box capacity is limited to bolt-on level adjustment. But if you get any kind of power adder, the dyno shop can simply upload the program that they build into your tuner.
  15. I have a Diablo Sport chip and love it!!! Noticed decent gains and it really smoothed out the engine it felt like. G/f just did a custom tune on hers with a new diablo sport chip with her gear install. Went from 210hp to 231hp with the tune and a K&N!!! nice jump id say :D
  16. Diablosport is the way to go. It is also custom tuneable and has datalogging for tuning capabilities. It is more diverse and solves alot of little complaints like low idle, check engine light, and egr. It also lets you tune your spark advance curve to your tastes, which can be really helpful in humid areas of the US, like Texas. My car runs perfect now, and it no longer stutters to start when it's hot. Oh, the torque modulation feature really works. My auto and 4:10's snap my neck like crazy now.... Definitely Diablosport....
  17. See I told you, only 1 car per chip. BTW Im still trying to sell my Superchip Microtuner if anyone is interested. Real low price. PM me
  18. I have tried both the Superchips MAC Microtuner and Diablo Predator on my car. The Diablo Predator is a much better product. It has many more features and fine tuning options. No direct experience with the SCT, but I can highly recommend the Diablo Predator.
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    Dude come out to BM, I gotta check it out.

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  20. Its vin locked, it wont work on another car unless you send it back to superchips and they erase your vin. Read the insert that came with it. The hypertech can tune another car after the other is returned to stock.