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  1. From what i read all the handhelds including the hypertech can only be used on one vehichle becuase they lock the vin. :shrug: i have the superchips tuner and like it only used it once but it did what i needed it to do. :nice:
  2. You are correct. The Pred. is a good tool if you have the time to play with the settings. IMO I love the fact that I can mess with the fuel and spark tables any time I want. I don't have to send a chip in to get it done. Diablo still has some "bugs" they need to work on, but nothing major. Mine ran a little rich so I just bumped the fuel up a little.....problem solved.
  3. So what exactly does the Diablo do to make these gains? I'm assuming more that just advancing your timming?

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  5. I've always used hypertech products and trust their stuff... just my .02
  6. Not to get off topic, but which tuners are available for 96-98 mustangs? Most of them that i've seen for sale are for 99+ Also, does having 99+ model heads on the car affect the way the tuner works?
  7. hypertech makes programmers for 96-98
  8. Good question. Not sure what a PI headswap would do to the A/f ratio. Would be nice to know. Don't know if any of the headswappers have a microtuner. Most get a dynotune afterwards.