I am about to p!$ off a bunch of you

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  1. Don't get caught up in the dealer markup hype.

    There will be 20,000 GT-500s built. Once the rich guys who gotta have one at any price, get theirs, that quantity of cars will simply not support huge markeups.
  2. I'm seriously beginning to think people don't want to hear that. People want to believe that dealers are honest. And that these cars will be so rare. That they will be instantly worth the money paid. Regardless of how much was paid. The ONLY Shelby mustangs that are worth the $60k+ price tag. Are quite simply the original 60's cars.

  3. People are their own worst enemies.

    Too many people want to believe that their car is something special:
    Last one with the Shelby name before he dies.
    Highest HP with the 05 - 08 body style.
    Mine is 1 of only 87 made with lime green paint, orange stripes, factory curb feelers and a bobble head hula girl on the dash board. :nice:

    Sorry guys, there will ALWAYS be something better coming along. Any car that has 20,000 of them made, including the 07 - 08 GT-500s will not appreciate in value. Look no farther than the Ford GT. With only 3,500 of them being made, they are now selling around sticker price. They no longer command dealer markups.

    Paying dealer markups is much like flushing $100 bills down the toilet.
  4. If the new Shelby is worth $50-60-70,000, thats what Ford should set the dealer invoice at.

    If someone is going to make a killing, I would rather see the Company make the money, not some greedy dealership owner who wants an extra vacation this year.
  5. Yes but unfortunately that will never happen. Ford cannot regulate what the dealer charges.
  6. the salesperson that i spoke too doesnt deal with that side of the dealerhip. he was a commercial fleet salesperson. he said it was total bs also. he wanted to try and trade his 05 gt for one but he said to hell with that. he'll keep his 05. it just sucks however you look at it!