I am dynoing tomorrow! ..Vote on my rwhp.

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Pokageek's rwhp #'s

  1. Serious Pain. Get out the crack pipe. I quit. Less than 350rwhp.

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  2. Painful. I am going to get drunk and sell it. 350 to 375rwhp.

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  3. What the Hell is wrong with this POS car. 375+ to 400rwhp.

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  4. Ok, I feel a tad better... 400+ to 425rwhp.

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  5. I am going to break out the champagne. 425+rwhp

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  1. What are your guesses? :shrug:


  2. Here are my specs:

    414ci 10.45:1comp

    Hyd Roller CAM SPECS @ .050" .586/.584 248/254 108cl 112lsa (power will be around 3200-6500rpm)

    AFR 205cc heads. I am not sure what springs come with them. The heads are new.

    1.60" Roller Rockers

    Edelbrock VICTOR intake

    80mm Accufab (The whistler) TB

    90mm Lightning MAF

    42# inj

    MSD 6A

    stock rails

    255 lph FUEL PUMP

    Promotion G-force Trans.
  3. I see some1 wants me to quit already. ;)
  4. I will give you the benefit of a doubt and say 1hp per cube :D

    Should be attainable :shrug:
  5. What exhaust are you running? Even without knowing I'd expect you to see >400rwhp with that combo if everything is functioning properly.

    I hope you realized that the springs that come with the AFR205's are not setup for hydraulic roller cams and had them either changed or had ordered them with springs for a hydraulic setup. Unless AFR changed something I'm 90% sure that I'm right on this.
  6. Oh Great. I was told the springs will workee.

    edit - exhaust = 1 5/8" 351R hooker headers, custom 2.5 h-pipe and cat back flowmaster 50 series delta-flow.
  7. Definitly under 400hp seeing that choking exhaust and the wrong valve springs. Youre running an FTI cam correct? You need the springs Ed recommends or springs that match the valvetrain recommendation on the cam sheet! This thing can easily put out 450hp with the right changes.
  8. Do you have plans of upgrading the headers?

    I cant imagine spending that much on heads and choking them with those headers. :shrug:
  9. 387/415 RWTQ
  10. I was at 415rwtq with the poopy heads. As to the exhaust, theres alot of guys running cats with big headers. So which makes more power, 1/8 larger diameter tubes with a mid-long tube header OR what I have and no cats..:shrug:
  11. p.s. I was just informed the valve springs are correct. Will be dyno today and will not have the cats on for dyno at least.
  13. I'm going to vote that you get 1hp per cube. and at least that in TQ.
  14. Well..............................................

    *taps Fingers*
  15. Yeah, wasnt he supposed to dyno it yesterday? Oh boy, what if the engine blew on the dyno?! That might give a whole new meaning to his pain thread.
  16. Man I actually flew home from my second job to see the results!!! Nothing?!?!?!? Hopefully theres so much new power hes just out enjoying it all night.
  17. It probably pulled 250 and hes to embarrassed to post :D

    He was online last night and didn't update this thread. WTF!!!