I am dynoing tomorrow! ..Vote on my rwhp.

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Pokageek's rwhp #'s

  1. Serious Pain. Get out the crack pipe. I quit. Less than 350rwhp.

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  2. Painful. I am going to get drunk and sell it. 350 to 375rwhp.

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  3. What the Hell is wrong with this POS car. 375+ to 400rwhp.

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  4. Ok, I feel a tad better... 400+ to 425rwhp.

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  5. I am going to break out the champagne. 425+rwhp

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  1. Yea I would like to go 1 7/8" primary if it will fit. They even make 2" primarys!
  2. So now you're gonna need new tires. Post up the dyno if you don't mind, I'd like to see the curves. Bet it scoots from a red light.

  3. congrats! glad to hear your satisfied with that beast
  4. Nice! :nice: X2 on posting the dyno sheet.

    BTW, 1 7/8" headers will fit. (Read sig) ;)
  5. Thanks everyone! BTW I have 1.625" headers right now. That's smaller than I thought. The are crimped at the ports to.
  6. Haha wait until you get tired of the power you're making now THEN do the headers :D
  7. nice #'s, man! congrats!
  8. I gotta echo what Adam said :D

    This is StangNet ... Not the Corral :eek:

    We don't just throw up peak numbers in text only here :nono:

    Come on Keith ... post up the chart ;)

    btw ... Congrats on the pull :nice:

  9. Will do. I get the car back tomorrow. I want them to get rid of #6 on the PAIN thread. That dam squeal out of my accufab.
  10. I'm going with Grady but will take it a step further, I want e.t. numbers?

    Good numbers!!
  11. Ok...but are you guys asking cuz u dont believe me or you just want to see the numbers? Why is everyone so interested in the dyno chart?
  12. Everyone likes to see the shape of the curves to get a idea of the average power and torque. I think that everyone believes that your car makes 400hp.
  13. Here here Nacho!

    I say out with some ETs! :)
  14. Glad to hear the good news! I was nervous for you the other day when we hadnt heard from you.
  15. EGG ZAK LEE :nice:

    In no way was I not believing you or anything like that :nono:

    I just get a better idea of whats what when I can see the pull ;)

    You know :)...

    the torque curve
    how soon and how quick the power drops off
    and all that sorta stuff

    One must have hard data :banana:

    cause it can be used today or tomorrow when
    you wanna consider different options ... don't ya see :D

  16. Ok. I will attempt to scan this in tomorrow but splain the results for now. First impressions are this thing really ROMPS now. 338rwhp to 401rwhp and 404rwtq to 432rwtq. With the change from pro-comp 210's to afr 205's.

    Driving home I felt like I was in 6th gear at 60mph (I only have 5 gears). It still goes but doesn't take off as much down there as before. I can feel where the loss comes in without long-tubes ...

    HP: I lost 15rwhp from below 2500rpm - 3750rpm where the old dyno and new dyno rwhp #'s cross each other. Then the new combo quickly takes the lead and increases gradually to a max around 100rwhp difference through the 5-6000rpm range entirely instead. Also, b4 it died at 4700-5000.

    TQ: I lose 25rwtq or more from below 2000rpm to 3750 (that number again) where the lines meet and the TQ takes flight and never gives up a huge lead THRU 6000rpm instead of dying at 5000.

    Driving home I could definitely feel a difference in drive-ability. After explaining above I see why. My rpm band has been moved although still a long curve. Long-tubes would not only give me an estimated 40rwhp more according to SGS, they would also give me back all that low-mid range and then some. Right now I feel like I picked the wrong gears again, lol. Its hitting 325rwtq at 2500 rpm but it was at 360 before so I can feel that down low in daily driving. The benefit is that I get better traction off the line tho.
  17. Just post up the chart of the old combo with ALL parts used
    Post up the chart of the current one with JUST the upgraded parts

    Like has been said before :D

    A PICTURE is worth ... A THOUSAND words ;)

  18. My torque is at 350-360 at 2500rpm, and there's a noticeable gain at 3750 as well. I wonder if that's because of the intake?
  19. Yea mike. Pretty cool how we have very similar result. All that means to me is that I am doing something right as your car is the standard in my 0. The differences between us at this point are the 225's, long-tubes, porting and your cam has a little higher lift.

    Rick_91GT told me to go with the 205's unless I went real high lift cam b/c they will have better velocity especially with my current exhaust set up. I am close enough and getting indications that I should have no issues hitting near 440-450rwhp with a few more mods. Ideally if I went 225's (I'm not going to) I would need a much higher lift cam and it would be a revver to get the power out of those. I have no idea what kind of rwhp you can get to with 225's but prolly alot.