I am making 273 rwhp and 315 rtq, want to add a 100 shot NX what fuel mods are needed

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  1. check out my sig for mods right now i have a stock fuel system all the way. I want to add a 100 shot wet kit NX to the car snd mske 400rwhp and run in the 11's. anyway what fuel mods will I need to add and will this be safe on a stock block?
  2. I would use 30 pound injectors with either a 190 or 255 LPH intake fuel pump. To regulate everything I would buy an adjustable fuel pressure regulator.

  3. would 24 lbs inhectors and a 190 or 255 lph pump not do the job, remeber it is a wet kit so it brings its own fuel.
  4. I think you can get away with the 24's. I always like to have enough fuel though, especially with our junk pistons. You can roach a piston really easy with nitrous.

  5. are our pistons that bad? I know a lot of people running nitrous with no problem? also i know a lot of people running na combos like mine for over 160,000 miles the motors seem strong to me anyone else?
  6. it is no easier to kill a piston with nitrous than it is with any other power adder. a bad a/f is what kills a motor, not the power adder itself. i have nearly the same setup as you with a 100hp zex kit. the only real difference i can see is that i have a tfs stage 1 cam. my fuel mods are a 255lph in tank pump, 24lb injectors, and a kirban adjustable fpr. that should work with your setup also.
  7. I'm running stock 19 lbs. injectors with a 255lph pump and kirban fuel regulator. NX 100 hp level with no problems. My engine is all stock also. Just different ignition,exhaust and cai.
  8. You dont need injectors

    I made 267/311 on motor with stock heads
    added a 100 NX shot and made 355/490 at 1000 psi

    with stock injectors, 190lph pump, and 19lb/hr

    remember its a wet kit, you just need a big pump no more
  9. just because its a wet kit doesnt mean anything. both a wet and dry kit add more fuel, they just do it in different ways. the wet kit sprays fuel with the nitrous and the dry kit increases fuel pressure to compensate. you guys that are running stock injectors with nitrous are insane.


    the 1st and 3rd run were n/a and the 2nd was with a 75 shot zex kit. my fuel pressure was at 42 with vacuum. i had my 19lb. injectors at the time. i also had stock heads and cam. the only mods were an intake, throttle body, and full exhaust mods. with the nitrous i was at a 15.4 a/f ratio in the upper rpm's which is dangerously lean. from my personal experience, i would never recommend stock injectors while running nitrous. its always better to be safe than sorry.
  10. safe is a relative term. safe for a drag specific car is one thing, safe for a daily driver is a whole nother..the stock 94-95 block can hold about 500 horses..(an thats a very clean, well taken care of 5.0 block)..upgrade the fuel system- colder spark plug range, afpr, 24 pounders, bigger pump, maybe a custom chip
    really w/ that much stuff on it already, you should have put in a forged crank an pistons..hyperutectic's maybe strong, but forged is the ONLY way i'm goin on my next re-build..

    hp is nice, but torque wins races..the good thing the 5.0's have over the 4.6's is torque. especially in nitrous setups..400 rwhp is probably 460 ft lbs of torque..an that 'll snap your neck..:nice:

    i threw on a buddy of mines 100 shot cheater kit an made 233/300 on the stock block- heads, cam, intake, aode,-fuel was at 32psi, N20-about 950.i don't run my car hard, but she is my daily driver. a/f was about [email protected] 32 psi

    good luck man:nice:
  11. Thats exactly what I think. If 24 pound injectors are good to 400 horsepower, those 19's are good to ~320. Remember, this is horsepower at the flywheel, not at the rear wheels. At anything over 300, they will be running on an almost full duty cycle, which is not good for an A/F ratio. Sure it can be tuned correctly, but if the motor needs more fuel, those injectors aren't going to be able to give it much more because they are already being pushed to their limits. Do yourself and your motor a favor, and buy at least a 24 lb/hr injector set. You'll thank us all later.