I Am Now A Fox Body Owner, Also Have Some Questions

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  1. base idle is factory set a little above 600 rpm. i have done the cleaner thru the vacuum system with no ill effects, never know though.
  2. I'd put money on the O2 codes are there because you have a vacuum leak. Look around your engine bay and see if any of the hoses have cracks in them (you might have to give them a squeeze to see). If so replace the offending hoses to see if that clears up your idle issues. Car looks clean!
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  3. Hell, for that matter, vacuum hoses are cheep and as old as those are i'd go ahead and change them
  4. You're right for the most part except closed loop is when the car is up to operating temp and using the O2s and open loop is when it's cold. Not the other way around
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  5. I will check for vacuum leaks tomorrow. I was able to clean the TB and IAC today. TB wasn't all that dirty but the IAC was filthy. I may have to buy a new one because I couldn't get it clean enough to my liking. I wasn't able to remove the two screws to take it apart. The two bolts that hold it to the TB I could get out. Looks like someone tried to take out the screws before and rounded the head off.
  6. I could not find any vacuum leaks. I haven't really driven the car since Thursday. I did drive it about 50 miles today and the CEL had came on about 4 times and went off so tomorrow I will have to see what that is about and I will post back.
  7. man I love SSP cars! if that were me i would keep is visually stock interior and exterior and build a hell of a drivetrain. i love the govt wheels.
  8. Saw this thing for sale on Craigslist. Almost picked it up myself!
  9. You can buy it from me lol
  10. Agreed with Mike about seeing what new codes appear after clearing them from the initial check of them.

    Also agree about not getting tunnel vision on the O2's themselves. While their condition is unknown, an issue with a vac leak (as noted),the MAF, etc, are possible. It kinda feels like a vac leak issue.......

    Based on what you've seen, you might (if you haven't already) want to check the MAF wires. Dirty ones look hairy. Literally. And if you are too generous with the air-filter oiling, you might have to clean the wires again. I can't remember how fox MAF's are, but you might need tamper-proof torx bits to remove the MAF sensor from the housing. Parts stores sell the TP-torx bits.

    And FWIW, open loop operation is modified by closed loop data. Bad CL data or running on the edge of an extreme can and does affect cold performance. Remember, it only takes 30-120 seconds to get into CL (the O2's need to see about 600*F to light off and send reliable feedback. Hego's heat up quickly).
  11. Lol I ended up picking up a different SSP available at a local dealer. You should see the excess wiring they left after cutting out the radio equipment lol.